Various API integration required by a white label platform

With the development of technology and economy, not only has daily life entered a one-stop service mode, but even the iGaming industry has entered the same service mode. This is because a one-stop service can achieve cost-effective and efficient operational results for both producers and consumers. The existence of white label companies has improved the efficiency of building a betting platform or a casino gaming software. Additionally, the superb technology and back-end system allow the platform to go online and operate more quickly, which eventually lowers the threshold to build a betting website. How does the white label provide efficiency? One of the indispensable elements in the white label service is the API integration.

API is one of the main drivers of emerging the iGaming industry. API, also known as Application Programming Interface, the best example in real life is the need for data transmission between the mobile phone and the computer. At this time, the data cable, Bluetooth, and infrared can be the API between the mobile phone and the computer. In the iGaming industry, API basically refers to game providers that provide various game integration to the operators.

A game company can actually provide a one-time integration directly to the website operators, but why do you need to go through white label service instead? The reason being is the royalty fee of directly integrating games from a game company may be several times higher. But if you use the white label service, it brings 3 main advantages, I. Multiple games Choice, II. Cheaper royalty fee, III. More stable route. If the connected interface line is not good quality, it will be prone to freeze or crash while betting on a game, which has a great impact on the player’s experience. This is also why when enquiring the white label company, it is necessary to ask more questions about the interface and do game/site testing. You may click here to check out Kzing demosite. In other words, using the white label service allows operators to access more game providers or game types at a lower price, and with that saving, may use at needs of other businesses and operations. Think about it, wouldn’t it be better this way?

Integrate game platform

Kzin has integrated many game platforms, including BBIN, OB, AG, BG, SABA Sports, SBO Sports, Crown Sports, Sexy Baccarat, Chess and Card, Ebet Live Streaming, Royal Live Streaming, EA Live Streaming, N2 Live Streaming, BePro Sports, 188 Sports, CMD Sports, 3Sing Sports, SpadeGaming (SPG) Slots, ICG Slots, CQ9 Slos, NetEnt Slots, IM Sports, IM E-sports, Avia E-sports, P2Play Poker, JDB Fishing, cricket betting and poker gaming.

Kzing integration services are as below: 

White Label Service

One-stop white label service includes providing thousands of exquisite templates and many game options that fully support PC, H5, and mobile APP in order to ensure that it can help operators to ready the website at the earliest.

  1. Have a strong back-office IT team to provide 24 hours, 365days professional customer service and defense systems.

Game API Integration Service

  1. The game option includes popular sports game products that support large bets, and also other games such as live streaming, lottery, chess and card, e-sports, horse racing, cricket and many more that are popular in Southeast Asia.
  2. In addition to the game options, the white label company plays an important role to bring convenience to the operators. For example, we cooperate with many game companies to connect the channels and products required by an iGaming platform, and then output to the operator.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate safe and stable payment channels is one of the important white label services.

  1. In order to support the rapid development of iGaming platform business in different countries, our payment channels support most Asian currencies, including Thai baht, Indonesian rupiah, Vietnamese dong, Indian rupee etc.
  2. Of course, in the case of understanding the market demand, we also support cryptocurrency payment methods.

Kzing White Label is absolutely one of the best gambling software providers which meets your iGaming platform needs. As the industry is highly lucrative and competitive, let Kzing help your brand stand out.

If you have any inquiries about our products or services, please contact the business manager for more information

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