White Label in iGaming Industry

What is iGaming White Label

In the early days, there was no white label company, there were only practitioners hired by a technical team to develop the system platform. As the time goes, white label companies started to exist and brought great development advantages to the iGaming industry. Eventually the sales of the iGaming industry in the South East Asia market is boosting & it also becomes a huge factor in building numbers of successful iGaming sites.

The first step of setting up your first iGaming Platform is always through White Label service providers. White Label means that the service provider has a matured system with various payment gateways & games readily integrated for iGaming websites, which includes betting games such as Sports, Live Casino, Lottery, Card Games, eSports, Slots, Poker and many more. Their existence could greatly help practitioners to save a lot of trial and error, costs and resources. This also means that the platform is ready to launch when it is handed over. You get a fully functional website with your own logo, colours, contact details, etc.

Most of the White Label service providers would provide “One-Stop Service”. So, what does the “One-Stop Service” include? From early stage – personalizing front end templates, to middle stage – platform live operation, lastly to backstage – technical system support would all be fully supported by white label service providers. It is crucial for White Label service providers to have a tip-top tech team to support 24 hours online operation & also integrating hot games to continuously attract new players, bringing the most potential profits to investors!

What is required to become a White Label service provider?

Setting up the site

  1. Domain name, Server
    • High speed and secured network system (CDN)
  2. Building the Website & APP
    • Designing an outstanding website which is compatible with PC, Mobile APP (Both iOS & Android)
  3. Cyber Security
    • Security system that is more all-rounded & strong to ensure stable operation of iGaming sites & to minimize players risk & losses (Defending against hacker attacks, DDOS scam attacks)
      1. SSL Certified Domain (Anti-Hacking)
      2. Super Intelligent Risk Control (Anti-Fraud)
      3. Data Recovery System
  4. Strong Backend System
    • Report Centre (Big Data Analysis)
    • Team Management (Easy management on team)
    • Fund Management (Convenient reading on transaction reports)
    • Player Management (Integrate player levels & funds report)
    • Agent & Affiliate Management (Every Agents will have their own unique domain)
    • Event & Promotion Management System (Personalized management of events & promotions with easy functions)
    • Multiple Front End & Backend System (Supports multiple languages & currencies)
  5. Integrates Hot Betting Games in the local market (Fishing, eSports, Lottery, Live Casino, Card Games, Slots, Sports Betting)
  6. Strong technical support team & website operation (24/7 technical team on operation standby, ready to solve technical issues)

Kzing White Label is able to fullfil all the said requirements above! Other than that, let’s see what are Kzing White Label’s other advantages

  1. Kzing White Label is one of the most stable White Label companies within the iGaming Industry.
  2. Kzing White Label has many years of experience and has accumulated over 1000+ trust clients from different countries.
  3. Abundant resources to assist clients in building up a successful, smooth & stable iGaming platform.
  4. Provides personalized solutions accordingly to assist clients expand business into different markets of Asia.
  5. Kzing top-picked customized templates for client’s iGaming site to stand out amongst their competitors.
  6. Kzing White Label is equipped with our own Kzing Mobile APP & Sports APP, where customer experience is thoroughly optimized.
  7. Supports multiple currencies (including cryptocurrencies) & multiple payment methods

Is it necessary to use White Label service? Can’t I do it myself?

It is undeniable that everyone could start an iGaming platform on their own, but without the support from White Label Service providers, starting from scratch could consume much more time & manpower to build. Moreover, White Label service providers are equipped with highly skilled teams with matured skillset & technology where they have accumulated from the time and experience being in the iGaming industry.

When looking at implementing any online casino platform, the following criteria shall be considered:

Get information of the White Label Company

  1. You could get your friends within the industry to give recommendations of reliable and legit White Label companies.
  2. Browse through iGaming related advertisements.
  3. Enquire more information on iGaming forums.

In-depth understanding of the company background

Before making any sorts of payment, it is crucial to know more about the White Label Company’s background. There are few important aspects & to know about before making your decision. For example, the company’s organizational structure, operational system, service type, reliability of their technical support team, their ability & speed in fixing bugs & etc. Once these aspects are compared, then you’ll need to pick from the most trustworthy & strongest company.

Request demo site testing

Test whether the demonstration site is up to expectation and see which companies provide the most optimized back-end functions that have complete systems such as agency system, fund system, as well as the big data analysis system, and yet the system is easy to control and manage.

Get the Best Template Design

The template designs are crucial to draw eyeballs of users & to increase users’ loyalty towards the platform. Say, every design from White Label companies is very similar, then your site would not be outstanding amongst the others. Therefore, a modern, trendy & unique design is a must when considering on White Label companies.

Get a Quote

Usually, White Label companies would have many different packages or personalized plans according to clients’ budget and needs. There is no guarantee that expensive White Labels are always the good ones, but also, the cheap ones could also be of lesser value. Therefore, when choosing a suitable White Label company, people should not be blinded just by the price. On the other hand, when choosing a suitable White Label company, we should look more diversely into different aspects rather than just price. The aspects could be details of back-end systems, excellent user experience from APPs, multi-currency 3rd Party Payment Gateways, detailed cash flow data reports & analysis & etc.

Meetup Discussion

Sometimes, the most straightforward and easiest way to see whichever company is the most reliable is to just directly meet up with the person in charge. During meetings, you could list out a few key questions that are your concerns. If the said company is able to fulfill your concerns, then you could add the company into your “review list”. Moreover, the meeting could provide the best for both parties, where for the White Label company, they could understand more about the client’s background & requirements; on the other hand, the client could know more about the White Label company’s reliability. Meeting up would always be a win-win situation for both parties.

Being in the iGaming industry, it is important that we always improve ourselves. Now the iGaming scene is gradually sipping into the South East Asian market. For those who are interested in the industry, it is important to open up your eyes & ears, be patient on selecting the right white label company, then only make your investment!

If you’re looking for a White Label company with GREAT reputation & matured technology, think about Kzing White Label! Contact our business manager and start your iGaming website IMMEDIATELY!

If you have any inquiries about our products or services, please contact the business manager for more information

Lion lionel.chin@kzing.com  +63 917 121 2777  Telegram : @KzingSales1

Patrick patrick.lim@kzing.com  +63 917 171 2888  Telegram : @KzingSales

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