The True Value of Blue Sapphire Stone Amid Diamond Marketing Gimmicks

In today’s competitive world, where the diamond industry has established quite a formidable reputation, it’s easy to overlook the true value encompassed in other precious gemstones. 

Blue sapphire is one such coloured gemstone that deserves special recognition for its beauty and rarity. For centuries, this enchanting and majestic stone has captured the hearts and fantasies of people with its deep and alluring blue colour and sparkling brilliance. 

Yet, the admiration and value warranted by this stone is lost amid the glittering marketing gimmicks of the diamond industry. Let’s delve deeper into the world of blue sapphire and explore its true value, revealing why is it a worthy investment for gem collectors and enthusiasts. 

The Rarity of Blue Sapphires

Diamonds have long been hailed as the ultimate symbol of luxury and romance, making them a staple in the jewellery industry. For decades, they have been marketed as such, creating a perception that nothing else can compare. But, rarity of blue sapphires makes them an incredibly valuable possession that surpasses diamonds as well. 

While diamonds can be found in many countries, Certified Blue Sapphire are sourced from a few selected regions including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, etc. The geological conditions required for their formation are unique as this mineral from corundum group has varying chemical composition and inclusions in different geographies. For example, a research found that sapphires from Sri Lanka have lower iron content and an intense cornflower blue colour when polished to perfection. 

Rich Historical and Cultural Significance

Blue sapphires have been revered and used in jewellery since ancient times, often endorsed by the nobility and royalty. The gemstones are believed to protect their wearers from harm, evil, and negative forces permeating the earthly planes. 

In Hindu mythology, they are associated with the planet Saturn to bestow spiritual enlightenment and wisdom upon people. Some cultures consider it a sacred stone used for bringing good fortune and protection to its possessor. 

Since this stone also symbolizes love and fidelity, it is a wonderful alternative to diamonds for classy and elegant engagement rings. Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring, now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, is a testament to its popularity and adulation among royal families. 

Physical Characteristics That Make Blue Sapphire Durable

Amid insanely high diamond prices, coloured gemstones like blue sapphire are definitely a better option. As a durable stone, sapphires rank 9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. They are highly resistant to abrasions, scratches, chipping, and breaking. 

The stone also has a high refractive index lending it excellent light-handling properties. It creates a vibrant sparkle with an evenly spread colour tone and exhibits a wide rang of colours depending on the transition metals in the composition. 

A Traditional Choice for Brides-To-Be

If you want to choose an artisanal piece of Jewellery with a rich history, blue sapphire stone is your top option, not diamonds. Unlike popular beliefs, diamonds were popularised during the decades of 1940s and beyond by the De Beers company that stumbled upon a massive supply in South Africa and promoted them as the perfect symbol of lasting commitment.

Before this marketing tactic propelled diamonds to unforeseen popularity, coloured gemstones were the traditional choice for wedding and engagement rings. During the Victoria era specifically, sapphires were used in ornate pieces and carried a legacy of age-old carving techniques. 

Sapphires Hold Their Monetary Value at All Times

When you buy diamonds, you may not know that your investment hardly has any resale value because this pricey stone can’t hold its prices in rising inflationary conditions. 

On the other hand, blue sapphires purchased from a trusted and certified seller like GemPundit can offer you better value appreciation. They offer expert cutting and faceting of the stones to drive their value upward. Also, expert cutters can minimize the impact of inclusions, cracks, feathers, and fissures to make the gemstones more durable and enhance its lustre to highlight its innate beauty from all angles.

Blue sapphires can also become your secret weapon against inflation as their value has substantially increased over the past few years. In fact, a report suggests that their value has increased by 5-8% annually since mid-1990s. 

No Unethical Practices Used to Mine Blue Sapphires

The global mining sector is undergoing major disruptions in the current market volatility, especially for diamonds. Despite tight regulations and controls, diamond mining is still riddled with unethical practices, trafficking, and money laundering. There is no traceability when investing in this stone. 

But mining is much me regulated for coloured gemstones like blue sapphires. You can easily trace their origins based on the stone’s chemical composition, colour, and spectral characteristics. At GemPundit, you can ask for a free lab certificate stating the details like origin of the stone, its clarity grade, colour, etc. 

So, if you are looking for a lasting investment that will last for generations, consider blue sapphire stones, instead of diamonds. Choose a reputable seller by evaluating the factors like customer service, pricing, return policies, reputation, and variety available on sale. 

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