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White label solution is a great way to get your online gambling (iGaming) business started. As the popularity of online gambling continues to grow across the Asian region, so will the need for iGaming platforms. Entrepreneurs and businesses who see the potential are filling that demand by launching their own iGaming platform. Like with every untapped opportunity, time is always of the essence, which is why white label solutions can provide an edge in getting ahead of the game. 

Ready to take a step into the iGaming market? Find out all about white label solutions and the benefits you can reap from taking the white label approach to build your iGaming platform. 

What exactly is a white label solution?

An iGaming white label provider offers a software (the product), and a range of their services which cover everything you need to launch your own iGaming platform. A white label package typically includes a front-end site, with features such as language options, payment methods, multi-currency support, a variety of games or betting events portfolio of games to offer players on your site as well as all other features on the back-end to operate your business, including payment provider and gateway readily set up, tech support, and customer service representatives, security for your site, hedge monitoring and risk control, and so much more.

For instance, if you have decided on Thailand as your target market to launch your iGaming business, you can start by focusing your efforts on designing a brand look which will appeal to its mostly youthful population, and then engaging with a white label provider who will take your brand look and apply it to a ready-to-market iGaming platform. 

Some providers even offer a suite of tailor-made solutions for your target market, such as the Thailand White Label package by Kzing, which can offer a Thai interface and popular games like baccarat, along with payment gateway accepting Thai Baht through digital wallets and more.

The white label approach means launching your own iGaming platform without the high costs and long timeline required if you were to build from scratch.

To help you better visualize the speed and efficiency of setting up an iGaming platform with a white label provider, here is a quick look at the process involved in creating your own iGaming platform with a white label provider like Kzing.

iGaming White Label Process

Step 1: Entering an agreement
This typically involves you (platform provider) entering an agreement with the white label provider. The agreement outlines the terms of the provider’s products and services, including how much customisation of your platform is possible, game types and offerings to choose from, payment methods (ie. credit card, digital wallet, even cryptocurrency), and even tech and customer support.

Cost aspects will also be discussed and laid out in the agreement before engaging the provider, with confirmation on matters such as upfront payments or deposits (if required), monthly maintenance fees, and profit-sharing ratio.

Step 2: Provide your brand material
Once the terms of service (such as payment of deposit by operator) is met, the next step is to provide your brand material, including logo, brand colors, and everything else you might typically need in a corporate identity. This will help the white label provider design your platform specifically for your brand look. Before this stage, you should have a clear idea of your platform’s positioning and corporate identity designed.

Step 3: Development

At this point, the white label provider should have what they need to create your iGaming platform, with a front-end site which will act as the ‘space’ where users will enter and interact with, and a management system on the back-end which you and your partners or team will access to run the business. Different white label providers may have different features included, such as tiered membership system, rewards system, and even a rebate system for affiliate marketing partners.

Step 4: Testing

Once the platform is ready with your brand look and specifications, it should be tested to ensure that all your needs are met and that everything from the front-end to the back-end runs smoothly. At this stage, any issues should be brought up and resolved, and the platform made ready for launch.

Step 5: Launch

If everything works out in the testing phase, your iGaming platform is now ready for launch! White label providers like Kzing are aware that technical problems and user issues might come up during launch, and if not resolved quickly, can lead to loss of users. Which is why ‘after-sales’ services like tech and customer support are part of the package. So be sure that whichever provider you go with, your package includes these key services.

Sounds easy enough? That is because it can be! When considering creating your iGaming platform, white label providers such as Kzing can be valuable partners in turning your iGaming brand and business into reality.

Benefits of a white label solution

Quick and easy – White label providers have products, games, and software which are ready-to-go. These packages commonly include a website front-end, which acts like your casino floor where players navigate, a selection of games and offerings (whether it is slots, roulette, live casino games like Baccarat, or sports-betting events such as football or horse-racing), and a platform management, which is the back-end for operations. As an operator, all you have to do is select from the white label provider’s range of products and services to build your platform and bring your business to market in a matter of weeks.

Engaging an established white label provider also means that you can cut down on the time needed for you to build a team and devote resources into research and development of your business. Aside from some basic groundwork to creating your own iGaming platform, such as deciding on a target market and how you want to position your platform, white label providers such as Kzing have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources on their hands to quicken the process for you by picking from their custom Asian packages.

Which brings us to the next point of why go the white label way in building your iGaming platform.

Leverage their experience and expertise – white label providers have put in the time, research, and resources to develop their range of products and services. In order to appeal to various clients, reliability and reputation are the name of the game. Poor product and services can lead to clients terminating providers, which is why a white label provider like Kzing has to stay ahead – constantly improving their product with features like data reporting system to monitor and make forecasts on user behavior, and providing expert consultation from their years working with game developers and operators in the iGaming industry. 

Engaging a white label provider to launch your own iGaming business can be like having a partner with a rich pool of data, information, experience, and insights in the iGaming industry. 

Like Kzing, a white label provider catering to operators focused on the Asian market. With their years of experience and data gathering, they can provide great insight into what your business needs to penetrate your target market.

For example: developing a ‘lite version’ iGaming platform for the Indonesian market due to slow internet speed in 3rd and 4th tier cities, and even observing that Thai users have a tendency to ask more questions and including helpful, 24/7 online customer. 

Lower startup costs – With any business, starting requires capital. Hiring a software developer to custom build your platform, including website, games, back-end management system from scratch are typically costly, starting from up to US$ 200,000 to US$ 300,000. White label providers are a one-stop service provider where you can get your iGaming platform ready within a feasible budget, starting from even US$1,000 to US$ 10,000. 

Not to mention all other costs associated with running your platform, such as hiring a dedicated customer support team, and monthly payment fees when you engage a payment provider. In the end, expect to spend up to US$340,000 or more to build your platform from scratch, with monthly operations potentially running you between US$ 56,000 to US$61,000 monthly, including marketing and advertising. 

White label providers not only provide the software, but also have ready infrastructure like payment gateways (some even including cryptocurrency payment), while also supporting you and your business with services like round-the-clock tech support, multi-language customer support, and even assist with setting up your overseas operations.

Tech and customer support covered – Keeping your players happy will be key to your success. This means ensuring that your website functions smoothly and issues are solved immediately. Poor user experience like slow loading pages, bug-ridden games, and even payment failures are sure ways to players leaving your platform. White label providers commonly offer tech support, maintenance, and security, along with customer support in their package or offerings. With that, you can focus on marketing and advertising to grow your platform.

White label providers like Kzing are well-equipped to provide on-time tech support and great customer service, offering multi-language support for whichever target market you choose to launch your iGaming business.

Comprehensive platform features – Some may think that a designed-to-fit-all approach means that you have less to offer, the reverse is true. A white label iGaming platform can actually offer a wide range of platform features. Such as selection of themes or layout options, to multi-language options, payment methods, currency, and even localized games fit for your target market.

Take a look at the all-encompassing range of products and services offered by white label provider, Kzing:

  • Partnership with game providers to bring a wide portfolio of games and offerings for international and local markets
  • Readily integrated payment gateways, with various payment methods: credit card, e-wallet, cryptocurrency etc.
  • Ability to receive and make payments is multiple currencies
  • Multi-language options according to your target market and users
  • Selection of themes and customisable front-end design to suit your brand
  • Management system for effective back-end operations
  • Customer relations management (CRM) system
  • Reliable security and risk management system
  • Customer support
  • Tech support
  • Mobile-focused website design and mobile app

With a good ready product, repackaging it into your own brand can enhance and highlight its great features and save you the time and costs of building and marketing a product from zero. 

Rich selection of games and events to offer – White label providers do not develop the games or sports betting events offered with their packages. It is common for white label providers to work with game providers who are specialized in the design and development of the games you can offer on your platform. The advantage of this method is that white label providers can provide you with a large variety of games for your platform, including live casino plays, sports betting events, lottery, esports, and even card games specific to your target market.

Support user attraction and retention – Getting players to your platform and keeping them coming back for more will be the key to your platform success. The white label approach can give you the luxury of time to focus on marketing to potential users, and even the unique selling points (USP) required to attract them. White label providers such as Kzing, understand the importance of this and have systems like tiered membership, rewards, and rebate, which are great features to attract and keep users.

These systems are designed to help you manage players and platform partners effectively, all while keeping users motivated to continue playing or sharing with others in their circle or audience, which will in turn attract new users. These features and the experience of your white label partner can be beneficial in planning marketing campaigns. 

For example, white label provider Kzing has gathered information from user behavior in the past that Thai players respond well to discounts. With that information and the rewards system, you can run discount campaigns for users, and work with affiliate partners to spread the word, all while monitoring the results of your campaign behind the scenes, and ensure automated and accurate distribution of rewards. 


  1. Quick and easy implementation with no requirements to have your own tech team to get started.
  2. Experience and expertise in the iGaming industry, with systems like data reporting and monitoring to provide advantageous insight.
  3. Lower startup costs to get a stunning, effective, and powerful iGaming platform, equal or even better compared to building one from scratch.
  4. Tech and customer support are key services offered by white label providers which is imperative in making sure your platform runs smoothly.
  5. Comprehensive platform features which cover everything from the interface and games that players will interact with, and management system for effective operations. 
  6. Wide variety of games and sports betting to offer on your platform.
  7. Platform designed with user attraction and retention in mind, helping you gain users, and more importantly, returning users.


Having been in the industry since 2012, Kzing has been focused on helping operators gain access to the iGaming markets, especially in the Asian region. Kzing offers white label iGaming packages which are designed specially to fit each locality, from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Japan and South Korea.

Despite some unique features for different markets, every package comes with powerful features and reliable services, including:

  • Payment system
  • Affiliate system
  • Intelligent risk control 
  • Tiered membership system
  • Rewards/Events system
  • Rebate system
  • Multi-language support
  • Data reporting system 

On top of that, Kzing also offers:

  • Assistance in setting up overseas operations points
  • Back office training
  • Training

Building your own iGaming platform does not have to be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. White label solutions can offer a quick and hassle-free way to get into this exciting industry. If you are ready to take on a new venture with a reliable partner in great products and services, contact Kzing for a free professional consultation!

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