Oasis Dining

A calm and soothing restaurant that feeds the stomach and relaxes the soul Situated evenly between bustling Xa Lo Ha Noi and Xuan Thuy Streets is the serene oasis of Laang Restaurant (22 Dang Huu Pho, Thao Dien, D2; www.laangsaigon.com). Its location perfectly echoes the meaning of its name, an interpretation of the Vietnamese word, … Read more

Chipping Away

How woodcarving can soothe the spirit if you turn off of bustling Bui Vien, enter a retro building, and follow a winding staircase, you will find the bright, breezy creative retreat of Tay Tay Workshop. “Tay Tay” means “hands hands”, and hands will be your main tool in this three-hour class focused on woodcarving. Started by … Read more

Oh Soul Natural

The principles of natural ingredients, thanks to the ongoing Korean beauty phenomenon Korean beauty has infiltrated the rest of the world and there’s a reason why the trend is firmly cemented in our skincare routine: it works. K-beauty brands are constantly innovating. Natural ingredients are crucial to the mainstream success of the K-beauty space because … Read more

Trail Blazer

If you’re looking for a more adventurous type of mountain bike riding, enduro is the way to go With a rush of adrenaline, a supportive community, and an escape from the hectic energy of the city, enduro mountain biking is gaining popularity and exposure in Vietnam and all throughout Asia thanks to the hard work of the folks behind the Asian Enduro Series and South Vietnam … Read more

Got The Thirst

Top your water bottle up for free at refill stations across Southeast Asia With tourism booming in Southeast Asia, concern about sustainable and responsible tourism is a growing conversation. How do we visit the most naturally breathtaking places in the world and preserve rather than destroy them? This is a question being asked by the organization BGreener, and being answered with a conscientious new app: RefillMyBottle. “Seven … Read more

Top Of The Tipple

A collection of affordable wines from Australia available to buy online delivered direct to your door Really Affordable, Deliciously Australian (RADA), RADA VIETNAM (www.ilovewines.vn) aims to provide customers in Vietnam. Quality and knowledge should supersede profit, and this philosophy is the driving force behind the wine distribution company spearheaded by married couple, Andy Wall and … Read more