Food with Flair

Wine, it’s so versatile—in the glass and on your plate. Cooking with wine can definitely bring about it’s own pleasure, or pain if you use it incorrectly Although cooking with wine is not so common outside certain European countries, especially in places like Vietnam where it’s costly because of the tax on wine, some of us still do it … Read more

The Blind Writer

She’s a blind chef, a cookbook author and winner of the third season of Masterchef. It’s  Christine Ha For any writer, there is a profoundly tender relationship between thought and hand. Writing is a taming of that most apelike of all of our parts, where fingers built for clutching at boughs and running through coarse … Read more

In the Zen Kitchen

If you’re thinking of mastering a new skill and you love your sushi, you’ll be pleased to note that a rather intriguing new opportunity has arisen to study the secrets of Japanese cooking in one of District 1’s popular international kitchens – Japanese by Blanchy Street (VND1.4 million for two classes, saigoncookingclass@, 3823 8793). … Read more