The Deep North

In an ever-shrinking world, Ha Giang, with its uniquely preserved tribal culture, is one of those rare places that hasn’t been corralled by modernity or prepackaged for visitors The sound of crunching stones underfoot was almost deafening as we hiked up the steep gravel trail to the top of the peak, and onto the roof of Vietnam. Even … Read more

Behind the lens: meet Hoi An photographer Rehahn

If every picture tells 1000 words, there must be millions of words to the stories of Hoi An-based photographer Rehahn. It’s good to be Réhahn. This time last year, the Hoi An-based portrait photographer had about 6,000 Facebook fans. Thanks to a slew of press from the LA Times to National Geographic Online to dozens … Read more

The Champions of Champa

One family’s mission to preserve the Cham culture For most Saigonese, the word “Cham” evokes at best an image of the My Son temple complex outside of Hoi An, an iconic symbol of what most people envision as a once noble but extinct classical civilization. Established in the second century AD, the Champa civilization reached … Read more