Fair Footwear

We speak with Saigon Socialite founder LanVy Nguyen, who offers an insight into Vietnam’s lost craft of imperial and pagoda wood art and the difficulties of producing an ethical, designer brand… THERE IS AN endless array of homegrown fashion pieces in this city, from accessories to ready-to-wear to show stopping couture. But when it comes … Read more


May’s fashion coverage is all about subtlety, strength and grace, whether in your fashion choices or actions. With this in mind, who better to seek inspiration from than the geisha, as Japanese influence has been a favorite at fashion weeks this spring. It is still said that geisha inhabit a separate reality called Karyukai – … Read more

The Frugal Fashionista

When looking good doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny… GETTING A UNIQUE, luxury look doesn’t have to bankrupt you, and more often than not, you probably already have something in your wardrobe that, with a bit of styling and few new accessories, can be completely transformed. This month’s issue has explored the shinier side … Read more

The Luxe List

Where money is no object Phonetic Virtue No longer are diamonds confined to the neck and fingers, and the concierge confined to the hotel reception. Vertu has combined the two at the touch of a button on the most breathtaking handsets ever created – the Signature Precious (pictured). Beautifully arranged from 18ct. yellow gold, black … Read more

Wedding Belles

For some brides, choosing the right dress is equally as important as choosing the right groom… For MY BIG day, I was determined to scrap the idea of a traditional white dress and replace it with something completely different. I was looking forward to a wedding outfit that would be comfortable, fashionable and most importantly, … Read more

Trip The Light Fantastic

This season is full of delicate fabrics and pale feminine hues, but among the quieter trends that have walked down the runways of the West – a bold streak of neon from Gucci, Burberry Prorsum, Kenzo and Fendi, among others, have given a welcome break to the more neutral collections out there… Jumpsuit | Cashew … Read more

Haute Couture @ Dep Fashion Show 11

Forget the numerous rules and regulations of the exclusive “Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture” in Paris. What I love most about this area of fashion design is the attention to detail, the drama and the art with which each piece of clothing is used to convey the designer’s story. It’s also a good opportunity … Read more