Steppe by Steppe

The roaming lifestyle Stretching out from across the vast desolate Gobi Desert in the south, through the seemingly endless grassy steppes of the central plateaus towards the magnificent snow capped peaks of the Altai Mountain range of the northwest, this is Mongolia, “The Land of the Blue Sky,” a land of extremes and contrasts. Although … Read more

Into the High Altai

A journey into the wide open spaces of Mongolia The advice on the beer mat sounded familiar: “Time in Mongolia is an uncertain notion. Foresee some security gaps in your journey timing. Estimate distances in hours instead of kilometers.” Others had also warned us that Mongolia could be predictably unpredictable. As we waited and waited for our connecting internal flight with a … Read more

7 Countries, 6 Trains, 18 Days

From the craggy mountains of northern Vietnam to the cobbled streets of Berlin, one traveler embarks on an unforgettable journey across the world by locomotive… The last few hours in Vietnam are a blur – cleaning out the fridge, locking the windows, chucking out the rubbish, having one last shower, turning off the hot water, … Read more