La Isla Bonita

Welcome to the beach capital of the Philippines There’s oohing and ahhing as the island comes into view from the windows of our twin-prop plane swooping in to land. We pass wind turbines and postcard- perfect waters. “Mate, that’s beautiful, that’s beautiful,” comes the broad-accented affirmation from one surfer to another in the seat behind … Read more

Pinoy Passion: the desserts of Loriekot’s Lutong Bahay

The cuisine of the sunny Philippines isn’t easy to hunt down in Ho Chi Minh City, but there are a few enclaves where eager and inquisitive gourmands can check out the taste of Manila for themselves. One of these – Loriekot’s Lutong Bahay at 193 Dien Bien Phu – has come a long way since … Read more

Treasure Island

A hidden gem on the border of the Pacific As a full time traveler and travel blogger, I’m often asked for nuggets of travel wisdom. Everyone wants to know what pristine destinations exist that haven’t yet been flooded by the masses, where one can still enjoy a peaceful visit without the intrusion of camera wielding tourists and hawkers selling souvenirs. The first … Read more