Join the Union

Rugby is a sport, a passion, a disease you catch. There is nothing like it on or off the field The normally peaceful and manicured playing fields of the RMIT campus are slowly beginning to reverberate, gently shuddering in time to what sounds strangely like the distant stampede of cattle, perhaps marauding their way relentlessly … Read more

The Long Game

While doing a mini golf tour of courses around HCMC, we learn about the game’s growing popularity among locals Text by Mike Wakely As we all stood in the shelter beside the fourth fairway, huddled together like a group of golfing-attired penguins, escaping the horizontal rain and ear-shattering thunder and lightning, I was reminded of … Read more

Hashing it Out

Saigon’s most bizarre and certainly most eclectic sport and social club Text by Jonathan Rebours Image by Wade Brackenbury Created from a need by British officers to shake off the excesses of the weekend, hashing began in 1938 in Malaysia. Keeping the public school traditions of songs and nicknames alive, while also keeping fit, they … Read more

Arrow Heads

Beyond just a bar game, darts offers a platform for different cultures to connect and share a common interest… In the smoky interior of ice Blue bar on Dong khoi, Jesse Gold squares himself in front of the board. By day he’s an english teacher, but at night the assembled crowd sees him in a different … Read more

A Home Run

An American import becomes a major hit in Ho Chi Minh City… To a young british man like myself the word softball evokes scenes of Middle America from 90s coming-of-age family movies. But to many, especially in Asia, it’s a sport that has a dedicated following. For those unfamiliar with the sport, softball takes the … Read more