Cork Loving

Committed to sustainability, Ekokami (Facebook: Ekokami; Instagram: ekokamidesign) makes durable, functional and versatile bags using recycled cork and up-cycled leather. Though the design and management team is Dutch, Ekokami is located in HCMC (Vietnam). Both to the physical and visual touch, cork fabric offers a feel like no other. Some compare it to leather but really there is nothing in this world that is comparable.


Cork is harvested by stripping the outer bark of the cork oak, which then re-grows over the years. The tree is not harmed during the process, on the contrary, it is necessary to strip the outer bark, in order to help the tree grow. At the end of the product life cycle, the material is just as eco-friendly. Cork is 100 percent recyclable. The cork is extremely light, water resistant, flexible, isolating and environmentally friendly.

A special discount for Oi readers: 15 percent off, use the code: “oiekokami” on the webshop or when sending an email (valid until February 20, 2017).



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1 thought on “Cork Loving”

  1. Hi,
    This work is very inspiring! Well done.
    I work for a furniture company in HCMC. we want redesign our packaging so that it is more sustainable.
    We are thinking about using cork instead of Styrofoam.
    where do you source your cork from? Would you be able to tell me who your supplier is.

    Many thanks,

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