Theo Schuurhuis, General Manager of Boutique Hoi An Resort, on the resort’s new expansion and what to expect in 2017

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I came to Hoi An in early 2010 to do the pre-opening of Boutique Hoi An Resort, and have stayed working for the resort as general manager ever since. It was my first visit to Vietnam and Hoi An when I arrived, but saw many similarities with other Asian countries, so I found it not difficult to settle in and felt home right away. Before coming to Vietnam I have worked in properties in the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Europe and Asia, with a long spell in Indonesia of 15 years and then going to China before traveling to Vietnam.

Can you tell us the concept behind Boutique Hoi An Resort?

Boutique Hoi An Resort was designed and built with a concept of space and openness, which truly reflects in our layout, our rooms and the spacious garden and large beach. Even if the resort is fully booked, guests do not get the feeling that it is overcrowded. What is also worth mentioning is the fact that the design is not always the most important aspect of a successful operation. All the other factors like service, price, food and beverage selection, and location can create an equally important image. It is, therefore, important to create strong and unique selling points that are able to “speak” with a clear message and attracts all markets we work with.


Why do you think Hoi An is such a popular destination?

Hoi An is a must-see destination if one travels in Vietnam. The town provides visitors with cultural ambience, which one can see in the houses and building styles. The Old Town is free from cars, and also from motorbikes after the late afternoon so visitors can leisurely stroll around in search of a cultural experience. Then let us not forget My Son and Marble Mountain as nice venues for an out of town visit.

Can you tell us about the new expansion?

In 2015 a start was made with the extension of the resort on the plot of land next to the resort, included in the 30 room, we also have a large Grand Beach Villa with its own swimming pool, and Pool Villa. Besides our new rooms, we also extended our spa facilities with five more treatment rooms, and added a heating swimming pool in this area. The new beach bar has already proven itself as a popular hangout for our guests.


How does Boutique Hoi An Resort set itself apart from others?

By staying the way we are and to follow the path we choose to go. Looking back to the last 12 months we saw many improvements compared to the year before. We are grateful for that but choose to stay humble and will keep focused on the quality of the service we provide our guests together with the great team we have.

Unique features we have are, first, our staff, the design and layout of the resort, our beautiful large white sandy beach and our spacious pool and garden. We focus on guest recognition, needs and respect. For the coming year, 2017, we feel that we need to be ready to take our quality, service and product to a higher level to meet guest expectations.

What are your plans for Boutique Hoi An Resort in 2017?

We will continue to explore new markets in other continents, and elsewhere in Asia, but will also continue to focus on the domestic market especially during specific months of the year, such as summer holidays and annual public holidays. Now with our new extension we will operate and market the resort with the full 110 rooms. As Vietnam has seen more visitors in 2016 as in the years before, we trust that the year 2017 will also be a positive year for us.

We are also continue to keep Boutique Hoi An Resort a first class beach venue in Hoi An for our guests from Asia and around the world.

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