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Silicon Valley Vietnam

Overseas Vietnamese should be investing in tech startups, not just sending remittances.

In 2013, overseas Vietnamese (or Viet Kieus) remitted an estimated USD11 billion into Vietnam. In 2013, Vietnam’s GDP was USD170 billion. That’s right; Viet Kieus send back so much […]

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Google Glass as a tool to learning English..

Innovation in Vietnam can come from the most interesting places. There’s a startup with motorbike theft prevention hardware. There’s one that crowd sources for tours. There’s another that focuses totally on e-commerce logistics. […]

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One Million+

10 startups in Vietnam that have reached over one million users

There currently is a healthy and growing “middle class” app economy. Mobile analytics firm Flurry reports seeing 357 percent growth over the past 18 months from independently owned apps that have a worldwide audience […]

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Beer at a Click

A new online service that deliveries groceries, and beer, directly to your door

Research shows Vietnam’s e-commerce market, which totaled approximately USD300 million in 2011, is expected to grow at an average rate of 75 percent per year between 2011 and 2015 to reach upwards of USD2.8 […]

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Hello Moto

Revolutionizing the way Vietnamese people grab motorbike taxis

In the April issue of Oi we wrote about Tappxi, a mobile app that’s attempting to give travelers a better experience when taking a taxi in Vietnam. But guess what? Tappxi isn’t the only interesting tech startup in Vietnam that […]

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To Catch a Motorbike Thief

Devices that may answer Vietnam’s motorbike theft culture

Having your motorbike stolen is most likely one of the worst (and common) things that can happen here. Having worked hard to earn the money for a motorbike and waking up one day to see it missing is painful, […]

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Everything in a Click

Shopping no longer has to involve leaving the house

Last month, I covered a new trend that’s happening in technology here and that is companies leveraging on the motorbike culture, and one of the sectors in that market is e-commerce. Now, in Vietnam, you can get […]

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Reinventing the Moto

Companies are finding out that the backs of motorbikes aren’t limited to passengers anymore

In Vietnam, there are over 30 million motorbikes. That’s one for every three people. It’s a huge market that people are building big businesses on top of – literally.

Every time you […]

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Great apps for use in Vietnam


Vietnamese Apps for Intrigue (free) – The fresh new Vietnamese version of Yelp that just came out late last year already has an iPhone app and is one of the biggest competitors for (literally “placesto-eat-and-drink”.com) but conveniently has an English version. The website and app […]

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Pay it Forward

Taking mobile payment in Vietnam to the next level

With smartphones on the rise and the digital payment platform still a black hole, will 1Pay become the PayPal of Asia? 1Pay from Vietnam seems to think so. The startup, formed earlier this year, is focused on making […]

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