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Absurd Aesthetics

Think most people who go under the knife for cosmetic procedures only ask for bigger breasts and smaller stomachs? Think again.

Six Pack Creation

In the past, liposuction was only used to flatten areas that stuck out. Now, a handful of […]

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Black Is Beautiful

Remembering a bygone time when black lacquered teeth were in vogue

It was 1932 and Nguyen Thi Phu was not going to wait any longer. She and her cousins had all discussed it, and they were all going to do it […]

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The Snow White Syndrome

While the term was coined in India, the obsession with white skin is very popular in Vietnam as well

“I have had patients, expat patients, who came to me to ask why they were seeing active ingredients for skin lightening in […]

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Hey Miss

Nobody likes to admit that they’re particularly beautiful—to say it out loud as if it’s something objectively true. Especially in a morally conservative country like Vietnam, it flies in the face of proper modest behavior, suggesting vanity, insecurity, shallowness and […]

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Breaking Beauty

Beauty is pleasure, pure and simple

But rare is the beauty that is pure, and rarer still the beauty that is simple. Fact is, beauty fades. Cherry blossoms and rosebuds are celebrated not just for their bloom, but also for the […]

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