Sun Worship

The recently abandoned area of Thu Thiem is littered with debris, a bare landscape providing little shelter from the fierce Saigon heat. In the near future this area will transform into a new development, expanding the tight confines of Ho Chi Minh City, and a stripped back place where it is impossible not to meet the sun head on. It is often more popular to try and escape the heat, but there are many ways to dress for the sun and providing you have sun block and a bikini in the bottom of your bag, a lunchtime dip is never out of the question. The key is to adapt to the heat, strip back your wardrobe and reawaken the sun worshipper that is dying to get out of the office and into the sunlight.

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June Fashion Finals-IMG_8934-Edit-JUN13-Issue 4-QRM

June Fashion Final-IMG_9075-Edit-

June Fashion-IMG_9214-Edit-JUN13-Issue 4-QRM

June Fashion Final-IMG_9175-Edit-

Stylist: James Allen

Model: Amanda Scott

Makeup and Hair: Kenny Lieu

Assistant Stylist: Danny St. Lou

Images by Quinn Ryan Mattingly

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