Hashing it Out

Saigon’s most bizarre and certainly most eclectic sport and social club Text by Jonathan Rebours Image by Wade Brackenbury Created from a need by British officers to shake off the excesses of the weekend, hashing began in 1938 in Malaysia. Keeping the public school traditions of songs and nicknames alive, while also keeping fit, they … Read more

Home Invasion

The affluent An Phu area is a prime target for break-ins Text by Michael Arnold Image by Quinn Ryan Mattingly Mother’s Day this year took on a particularly sad note for recently-arrived An Phu resident Irene Wong and her family. Three weeks after moving into what appeared to be a properly-secured compound with 24-hour security … Read more

A Wake Up Call

How Westerners and Vietnamese differ on the method of putting their children to bed Text by Michael Arnold Image by Quinn Ryan Mattingly If there’s anything that’s a universal heart-warmer, it’s the sight of a sleeping kid snuggled up warmly beneath the blankets. No grumpy parent can resist that completely relaxed and totally intent expression … Read more

Go East, Young Man

It used to be that the buzzword was “go west” to seek your fortune. But in the 21st century, it is Asia which attracts the young entrepreneurs While Western newspapers are awash with stories of unfettered immigration, overcrowded cities and increasingly fractious multi-cultural societies, what gets less air time, is the tide of emigration flowing … Read more

Stinger: do tire repair places place nails on the road?

THE MYTH: Do motorbike tire repair places put nails out on the road to get more customers? The short and simple answer is yes, they do. Tire repair shops along various streets have gained a reputation for their willingness to do just about anything to get more customers. Local Vietnamese have taken to calling them … Read more

Interpretive Eating

A Scot brings a unique combination of flavors to whet your appetite In a city with such a vast array of international cuisines aimed at expats and more adventurous local diners, hotel dining options are often overlooked. In the case of Reflections, on the third floor of the Caravelle Hotel, that’s a shame because Executive … Read more

Sun Worship

The recently abandoned area of Thu Thiem is littered with debris, a bare landscape providing little shelter from the fierce Saigon heat. In the near future this area will transform into a new development, expanding the tight confines of Ho Chi Minh City, and a stripped back place where it is impossible not to meet … Read more