Salary, health and fair employment practices

Dear Marijn, I’m Italian and two months ago I opened a wood oven pizza place in HCMC where I currently employ five locals. They are all doing an amazing job, and they even started singing Italian opera when baking pizzas. My ‘pizzaioli’ work long hours six days a week, but I pay them well and … Read more

Flying Colors

Traditional flags and their meanings in Vietnam Flags have been used to communicate meanings, directions and identities for over 6,000 years. The earliest known flag is a bronze relic from Iran dated around 4,000BC. I never thought much about the meanings of flags until I moved to Vietnam where they are far more common than … Read more

Mo’ Better Blues

Bold, chic and subtly provocative, Tiana Van is a Sydney-based fashion designer inspired by romanticism, eroticism and expressionism. Elegant Model Agency Contact: Quang Troc (Canton Dang) (US: 714 602 4111; Vietnam: 090 872 1880) Model: Anh Thy Dresses: Tiana Van

Traveling with pets in Vietnam (Part 1)

Traveling with a dog or cat within Vietnam can become overwhelming. Relocating to or moving away from Vietnam with pets will present complications that need to be considered and planned for well in advance. This is the first of two articles providing advice and tips to overcome obstacles when traveling with pets. This month I … Read more

Mr. Genuine Bean

A German entrepreneur’s mission to change the way locals drink their coffee “I’m kind of a drug dealer,” says Dietmar Vogelmann with a wry grin. He’s not entirely joking. As Vietnam’s latest coffee baron in the making, the German entrepreneur is on a mission to address the glut of unhealthy chemical fakes on the local … Read more

Zero to Hero

Vietnam’s next musical idol, German Viet Kieu Trong Hieu American Idol may already be walking the green mile, but the popular TV format appears to be stronger than ever here in Vietnam, where the show continues to reward artists who break the local pop industry’s cookie mold. While its US counterpart has long since been … Read more