Heaven on Earth

Finding bliss at Six Senses Con Dao When six senses resort opened on the tiny island of Con Dao almost five years ago, it seemed a curious partnership. An ultra-luxe, resource-hungry resort on a quiet island known mainly for its history as a prison colony, a “hell on earth”. Five years on, and both have … Read more

Laidback Lombok

Long overshadowed by Bali, the equally idyllic island of Lombok is quickly becoming the preferred destination for discerning travelers Wanting to escape the polluted and congested streets of Kuta – Bali’s main tourist hub – our taxi driver takes us to the Denpasar airport. There, we pushed and elbowed our way through the flip-flop wearing … Read more

Dine With A View

Innovative Japanese-Chinese cuisine at Saigon’s latest chic dining space Le Meridien’s Bamboo Chic (Level 9, Le Meridien Saigon, 3C Ton Duc Thang, D1; 6pm – 1am) may just be getting warmed up, but it’s arrived in Ho Chi Minh City at the right time. From the décor to the dishes, Bamboo hits classy, well-pitched tones … Read more

Garden State

Saigon’s latest playground for skaters, betrothed couples and graffiti artists Located between district 7 and Nha Be District is a studio and entertainment hub that has been steadily growing in popularity since it opened a year ago. En-Dee Garden (915/22 Le Van Luong, Nha Be) is a spacious complex comprising of a garden, an outdoor … Read more

A Forgotten Childhood Revisited

One man’s journey from beggar to photographer Rising fashion photographer Lee Nguyen has a very striking pose of his own that’s a deliberate study in making other people feel uncomfortable. Tilting his head with its close-cropped spiky haircut and smoothly-trimmed beard, he folds his hands on the tabletop and rests his cheek gently on his … Read more

Two Charming Lions

A visit to Phat Tich Pagoda in Bac Ninh Province There is a current debate concerning the guardian lions of Vietnam that stand in pairs at the entrances of religious and government buildings. A pair of guardian lions comprise of one male (yin) and one female (yang). The male has one foot on an embroidered … Read more

Backstage Pass

What really goes on behind the curtains at Vietnam International Fashion Week. H’Hen Nie leans down to peer through a tear in the heavy black curtain separating the runway from the backstage area as Luong Thi Hong Xuan next to her reaches hungrily into her snack pack for another rice cracker. There’s not much of … Read more

Troi Oi: Vietnamese news roundup in October

USD25 will be the new fee for single entry visas, down from USD45, as the government seeks to boost tourism. Multi-entry visas will drop from USD95 to USD50, while longer-term visas will range from USD95 – USD155. The figures were announced on the finance ministry’s website on October 13, and the changes will go into … Read more

Comic Relief

Can Vietnamese comics win readers’ hearts? The first comic book series published in Vietnam was in December 1992; 23 years later the first comic book company founded entirely by professional comic artists was launched. While Comicola (short for Comic Online Alliance) is a young company, opened in January 2015, it has already gained the status … Read more

The Sandwich – translated in 10 countries

In view of Sandwich Day on the 3rd of November, food ordering app foodpanda gathered 10 variations of the most popular snack in the world, as translated by 10 different countries. #1 India: Vada Pav Vada Pav is a spicy veggie hamburger that consists of a batata vada potato fritter sandwiched between two slices of … Read more