Advertorial: Dr. Do Dinh Hung DDS.PhD and His “Five-Star Treatment” Dental Center

Twenty-one years ago Dr. Do Dinh Hung, the founder of Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center (244A Cong Quynh, D1), was introduced to the American dentistry standard. At the beginning of his studies at the University of Texas, he knew his mission would be “to provide perfection” in oral care services by offering international-standard dental care to Vietnamese people. In early 1994 he set up the first American-standard dental clinic in Ho Chi Minh City.

As one of the pioneer dental centers in Vietnam, Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center has been consistently implementing new technology, investing in modern equipment and maintaining international standards to become the best dental center in Vietnam. Our customers have rated us as “5-Star Treatment” on – a reliable global source for hospital, dentistry and aesthetics.

Our modern building is located at the center of Ho Chi Minh City in a 1,400sqm area including 22 dental chairs with sophisticated equipment set up to serve our international customers. Our dental center has an executive structure similar to a dental hospital with a full range of dental specialists and departments that allows us to complete every single step of the treatment process in-house:

  • Imaging diagnosis department with CT Cone-Beam 3D ICAT, ORTHOPHOS XG 2-D images, Nobel Clinician Software, providing complete 3D views and allowing us to perform virtual surgery on the computer in 3D spaces
  • Implantology and oral surgery department with a central oxygen system, heart rate monitor, breathing control and blood pressure monitor following the standards of a dental hospital to support anesthetists during the treatment
  • Cosmetic department with SMILE DESIGN SOFTWARE, 3D INTRA ORAL SCANNER that helps develop an aesthetic and functional analysis of the face and analyze the dental components
  • Orthodontics department with both traditional methods and Invisalign
  • TMJ & snoring treatment department
  • General Dentistry and Pediatrics dentistry department
  • Infection control department under FDA standard
  • Dental lab with CAD/CAM (Computer Aid Design and Computer Aid Manufacture) technology allowing us to design and manufacture dental restorations in 3D.

All technology and equipment at our center are the latest and most advanced, and are imported directly from the US, Germany or Japan. We have a team of highly-specialized dental experts who speak fluent English and professionally- trained dental assistants. Utilizing our team of highly-skilled specialists, well- trained staff, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art facility, we are able to provide comprehensive care to our customers, resulting in the best treatment in a timely manner.

We are proud to be recognized as “5 star-treatment” by our customers, and we stand by our specialists and our products by offering you a 10-year warranty for cosmetic porcelain crowns and a lifetime warranty for implant placement by Nobel Biocare and Straumann implant systems. Building rewarding and lasting relationships with our customers is important to us. We strive for excellence in all we do and look forward to providing you with perfection.

Images Provided By Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center

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