Gaming in Japan – What Can You Expect?

Japan is a nation that knows how to have fun.  Millions of Japanese people would consider themselves big game-players.  While the country may not have any major casinos at present, many people enjoy putting money into big games like Pachinko.  Of course, they are also home to gaming giants such as Nintendo, Sony and Sega!

But what can you expect from Japan in terms of on-street gaming?  While casino laws are still on the way to relaxing, are there any fun ways you can unwind and kick back without playing for money?  Here’s our introductory guide.

Get on Board With Baccarat

While there may not be any casinos in Japan at present, Baccarat is still a hugely popular game.  In fact, it’s likely you’ll find people playing the card staple across Asia.  Players in Japan can get into the game online and by travelling.  But is this all about to change?

Japan is likely to see some revolutionary regulation coming in 2021 and 2022.  While gambling laws at present are fairly strict, many citizens are looking forward to a relaxation on casino gaming.  Therefore, in the years to come, you’ll likely be able to play plenty of Baccarat in the city.

In the meantime, fans of the game – as well as those living in Japan – will need to head online.  It’s not only a great place to play virtual versions but also to learn more.  Many people head online to brush up on their Baccarat strategies!

Play Some Pachinko

In the absence of casino gaming in the country, Japan is crazy for Pachinko.  The popular ball-maze game has some variations abroad.  However, in Japan, you’ll actually find plenty of Pachinko parlours!

The game is a multi-million industry in the country.  It’s hard to believe until you see the scores of parlours and stores that line the streets.  Some people can even make a living playing the game!

However, laws and views on Pachinko are still a little murky.  It’s legal, and fun to play – but it’s not always smiled upon.  However, when you visit – it might be worth taking in a few games and trying your luck!

More than luck, however, Pachinko is a definite game of skill.  Are you deft of hand?  Maybe you can convert your maze skills into real money.

The Rise of VR

Virtual Reality is something which has been growing for decades – on a global scale.  However, Japan is often seen to be at the cutting edge of technological advances.  With giants such as Sony having a home here, it’s not surprising to see VR booths popping up here and there.

Virtual Reality is great fun.  Strap on a helmet and you become part of the game.  However, don’t forget to take occasional breaks to save on the headaches!

The Future of Japanese Gaming

As a fun-loving nation, we can expect more from Japan on the gaming front in future.  In terms of casino and gambling laws, especially, things are set to change in grand, sweeping ways.

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