Top 5 Effective Ways to Promote a Video Production Company

When it comes to starting your own production company, it’s a lot harder than said, and finding the right customers and building a clientele is another mountain to climb on its own. In the past couple of years, we have seen a sudden growth in video marketing. The video format dominates the current digital landscape and has become an essential part of any company’s business marketing portfolio.

In case you are creating a video campaign for your company. You are not putting it on every single social media platform and communication channel, and then you are likely running behind the competition. It can be overwhelming to find a perfect blend of video marketing strategy, especially when you are doing it for the very first time, but that’s what we are here for. With this article’s help, you will understand how to promote a video production company effectively. That brings your more clients and gives your business a better exposure.

Tips On Promoting Your Video Production Company

1. Put A Smile On Your Thumbnail
A video thumbnail is the first thing a viewer gets to see when scrolling through millions of videos on multiple platforms. In most cases, a thumbnail is a decision-maker whether the viewer will open the video or not. The main reason behind this way of watching the videos is because we tend to judge a book by its cover and a thumbnail acts as a book cover to your videos.

Thus, you need to have a compelling image in your thumbnail.  If you decide to buy YouTube likes, search engine algorithms will suggest your videos to new audiences— but a compelling thumbnail will ultimately make them actually click and possibly watch. In addition to this, one of the easiest ways to make someone click on your video is to put a picture in which the person is smiling, and the person is making direct eye contact with viewers. Why you might be asking, well, humans tend to relate to other people.

Let us ask you a simple question: will you open a book with a simple text written on it, or will you give a read to a book with Brad Pitt smiling on the cover page? The latter option is more compelling, and the same story goes for the thumbnails.

Final word, put a big smile on your video’s thumbnail to send positive vibes to viewers, and you will see an increase in the number of clicks.

2. Facebook And Instagram Are Your Best Friends

There is no better way to drive people out to watch your content than to give them something for free. And the best place to practice this type of promotion is on social networks like Instagram and Facebook, where people are likely to share and spread the word on their own when they find the piece of content compelling.

You can organize a giveaway, which will help your video to have a better lead per click ratio and make people visit your landing page more often. Once you made a viewer come to your website, that’s when the real game starts. Now it’s all up to you on how you please the viewer.

Moreover, since Facebook has brought Instagram, it is now easier to create a video marketing campaign on both platforms from a single social network. You can set the budget, demographics and tweak many more settings depending on your need. YouTube can also be very useful since it is the only platform which allows videos only and has the biggest video viewership, try YouTube intro maker to create engaging content.

3. Make Your Videos Shareable

It might feel a bit odd, but in reality, many people start and end their day by doing infinite scrolling on their bed. You need to take advantage of it and make your videos shareable on social platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You can use Invideo to embed a link or share button in your video, which will help viewers to share your content directly from the video itself. Thus, a viewer doesn’t have to leave the video screen to share the video.

4. Don’t Be Shy, Ask People To Share Your Videos

Yes, it’s obvious to do, and yes, sometimes it sounds cliché. But we are sure if you get yourself out there and ask your family and friends to share a video that you have created for your business, they will help you spread the word about your production company.

Ask your friends, colleague, ex-colleagues, niece, and nephews to share your video no matter how cringy it sounds, but getting out the word about your business needs to be your top priority. Besides, you might find contacts of the people who are already in the industry and searching for someone to provide their service. You never know which of your close friends and family are connected to the people of your niche, so you should not be limiting yourself.

5. Include Videos In Your Email Marketing

There is no denying the fact that email and video are match-made in heaven. When you put a word video in the mail, it just shoots your click-through rate from 19% to 60%. Also, your unsubscribing rate will decrease to 26%.
Moreover, when you provide video to your mailing list, it gives viewers a piece of content that makes the mail system look like a social platform engaging content. Sometimes, people don’t pay attention to the whole video, research shows that viewers focus for a few seconds only, so to build and spread your brand you can add an introduction or outro, to make or edit such videos try using an online video editing tool like this one here. A plain page won’t do you any good, add a video thumbnail, and you are going to see a rise in your click-through rate of almost 200%. It is one of the easiest methods to leave a unique impression about your video production company on your mailing list of people’s minds. Likewise, with a link to your landing page, you can find out how many people actually open your emails and go through them. As a result, you will have better analytics to tweak your mail listing and save yourself from spam banning.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. These are some of the methods which can help you kick start your video production company’s marketing campaign. So get yourself prepped up, it doesn’t look simple because it’s not, but with the right guidance and with the help of our tips, you can crack the marketing campaign and build that so ever important list of clients for your business in no time.

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