How to Care for Your Jewelry

The big day is here, and you have adorned your beautiful dress. All that remains is for you to accessorize your attire to achieve a stunning look. You go to your drawer, open it, and alas! Your prized jewels are faded and rusty looking. You are dumbfounded on what to do. But how could you have prevented this? What tips could you have used to care for the jewel? Read below to find out.

Clean It for Good Looking Appearance

You will have to clean some of your pieces with a clean and soft cloth to maintain the shine. For any silver jewelry, you can use a silver dip kind of cleaner to retain the shine. Dry them after cleaning.

Also, polish your silver jewelry once a month to avoid tarnishing. For any gemstone pieces, use mild soap and a soft brush. These pieces are delicate, and you need extra care when handling these.

If you are not sure what products to use in cleaning a particular piece, like antique pieces, you can consult a jeweler. They will advise on the recommended jewelry cleaning solution.

Proper Storage

Don’t underestimate the value of storing your jewelry safely. Avoid tossing your accessories on top of a dresser or drawer. This action will scratch and damage the gems. When you buy your jewelry from stores like the Australian jewellery store, they come in a pouch or box. Always keep these accessories in their box. For instance, if you buy sterling silver neckless, ensure the storage bag is anti-tarnish.

Jewels made from pearls need moisture, and keeping them in a dry safe box does more harm than good. You can buy a jewelry box that has individual storage slots for rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Most people fail to secure their jewels when traveling. Ensure you keep the pieces from impacts.

Avoid Sunlight Exposure

The sunlight rays fade your pieces of jewelry, thereby affecting their durability. When you expose Some gemstones to extreme light like pearl and ivory, they bleach. Different materials react differently on your jewels. Like they may darken over time or fracture. Heat also strips your accessories of the natural moisture, making them dry.

Avoid Exposure to Chemicals 

Chemicals damage your precious jewelry. So how do you avoid chemical contacts? Daily items such as perfume, lotions, and hairsprays can contain chemicals. These ingredients can permanently destroy the surface of your jewelry. Make sure you keep your accessories away from these cosmetic products.

Most people also don’t remove the jewels when using home cleaners or swimming in chlorinated treated water. The cleaners may contain ammonia which is harsh on the pieces. Chlorine in the swimming pool water bleaches and can destroy gold accessories.

Take to Your Local Jeweler for Inspection

Make it a habit of taking your jewelry to the local store for inspection. These specialists will inform you in case there is a problem. If you have an expensive piece, the jeweler can also tell you it’s value.

When you buy jewelry from any seller, including the Australian jewelry store, you have to care for them. Simple actions like storing your chains and pieces together can cause significant damage. Therefore, clean the jewels, avoid chemicals and sunlight exposure and make an appointment with your jeweler once a year for inspection.

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