Do you practice good sleep hygiene?

Sleep is as crucial to health as nutrition and exercise. You might experience regular health problems when you don’t get enough sleep. There are many things around you that may be responsible for interrupted sleeping cycles. If left untracked, they could have a terrible knock-on effect on your health.

If you are looking to improve your sleep, you should pay attention to your sleep hygiene. It will help you access better quality and quantity of sleep which should set the bar for great health. But what is sleep hygiene? Is it the same for everyone?  Do you already practice it?

What is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene simply refers to the range of options available to help improve your sleep quality and quantity. Having great sleep hygiene implies setting up an ideal bedroom environment alongside daily night time routines to promote regular uninterrupted sleep. It can also include taking up healthy habits to reduce the risk of interruption during sleep.

Healthy sleep is crucial for both physical and mental wellbeing. It can help enhance productivity, mood and energy levels for both children and adults. Positive sleep habits and a well-structured schedule will set the right tone for healthy living.  Good sleep hygiene covers these aspects to ensure comfortable and fulfilling rest.

Is sleep hygiene similar for everyone?

Sleep hygiene revolves around optimization of your environment and habits to enhance your sleeping experience. It applies to everyone, although the specific details may vary for individuals. Everyone’s night time habits will vary, depending on their interests, personality and needs. You should look to achieve the perfect balance for your sleep hygiene depending on your own habits, atmosphere and sleep schedule.

Do you practice good sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene may be tough to impose at first but it carries great potential. The right habits and environment will boost your ability to sleep well every night. You will definitely be healthier as a result of optimizing your schedule, planning your daily routines and taking up ideal night time habits. But how do you go about it?

Set up a sleep schedule

Do you go to sleep regularly every night?  A set schedule will help normalize sleep and make it an essential part of your day. You will be better able to meet the recommended minimum sleeping hours by setting aside certain times strictly for sleeping. That means prioritizing sleep at appropriate times regardless of any other activities that may be due.

You should also set up a fixed waking time to help you develop a sleep rhythm. Avoid naps where possible even though they may offer restorative value. Always limit your naps to short lengths to avoid affecting your night. In the event of change of sleeping times, you should incorporate gradual adjustments instead of significant one-time shifts.

Follow a night time routine

Your preparations when going to bed could significantly influence your ability to fall and stay asleep.  You could consider setting up a period for winding down while in the bedroom. Different relaxation and meditation techniques can also help your mind and body get to sleep faster.

 Consider unplugging all electronics from your sleeping environment, as well as dimming your lights significantly. You can schedule appropriate times for use outside your sleeping schedule to ensure uninterrupted rest. Lastly, don’t toss and turn in your bed. If you are unable to fall asleep after 30 minutes, get out of bed and try to induce sleep through other means.

Take up healthy daily habits

Getting sufficient amounts of sleep can be challenging without a schedule and commitment to the right habits outside your bedroom. You should consider cutting down caffeine beyond the afternoon as well as reducing alcohol consumption. Avoid smoking and late-night dining since these may disrupt your sleep schedule.  Remember to get sufficient amounts of sunlight during the day and stay physically active, while restricting any use of your bedroom outside sleeping.

Optimize your bedroom

Your bedroom should be comfortable for an uninterrupted night. You should look into excellent bedding and mattress options, such as these Customer rated hybrids. Control the temperature for a cool but comfortable setting. You can also block out light, drown out noise and try a suitable calming scent to set the mood for sleep.


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