Another Reason To Not Wear A Long Sleeve – Bring Those Arm Candies Out

Quit hiding your arm candies behind long sleeves, roll them up, and show off your Clogau bracelets. You can never have too much when it comes to Clogau jewellery. 

A bracelet is always the focal point of your outfit. It has an eye-catching position. This means your wrists should showcase high-quality statement pieces like Clogau bracelets. 

Clogau’s bracelet selection offers an exquisite range of jewellery just for you. Each bracelet is unique and encompasses luxury in its design and quality. 

Every bracelet has a remarkable weighty feel that is popular throughout the Clogau jewellery range. When you wear your bracelet, you know it’s different. It’s special!

Clogau bracelets are created using the purest metals and are available in silver, yellow, rose gold, and white metal. Each bracelet contains a touch of pure Welsh gold from the Clogau mines.  Every bracelet is substantial, gleaming, and hand-finished by professionals. 

The bracelets have delicate but strong chains with fine detailing, making them a popular choice among jewellery lovers. 

Clogau’s silver jewellery range offers silver bracelets that reflect your personality and personal taste with various unique designs that each tell a different story. Every silver bracelet contains 9ct of rose gold. In this rose gold is rare Welsh gold extracted from the mountains of Snowdonia. 

It’s definitely worth investing in these beautiful statement pieces that will last you a lifetime. 

Why do people wear bracelets?

Humans have used jewellery to decorate their bodies, display their wealth, and communicate significant symbols from ancient times. 

Clogau bracelets have meaningful designs that represent celebrations, milestones, love, and good luck. Like the Tree of Life Insignia collection showcases minimalist luxury through timeless designs, whereas the Clogau Celebration bracelet is ideal for life’s momentous occasions. 

Each bracelet is so extraordinary and tells a tale. These beauties should be shown off, not hidden behind clothing. 

Why you should show off your bracelets

Jewellery is a very personal thing. It could be a gift from your other half, a family heirloom, mark milestones, or even a reflection of your personal style. You may prefer an armful of bracelets, whilst someone else enjoys wearing a single bracelet. This all depends on your personality and style preferences. 

Bracelets also accent your arms and give your outfit that extra oomph. They bring your style to life. 

How to make bracelets stand out

Stack them up

Try loading up on an armful of bracelets. It puts a global twist on your style. Remember, you can never have too many Clogau bracelets. 

Keep your wrists bare

When you are wearing lots of bracelets or even one bracelet, it’s important to keep your wrists bare. You should wear short sleeves or roll up long ones to showcase your personal style. 

Create a sense of balance

The trick to acing your accessories is to create a sense of balance. If you wear too many bracelets on both hands, you will end up looking like a fashion disaster. 

If you are styling both wrists, make sure you follow the balancing principle. If you are adorning one hand with a statement piece, balance your look with a minimalist bracelet on your other hand. 

Which hand should I wear a bracelet for good luck?

The left side of your body is linked to your internal self and healing. If you want to avoid negative energy, wear your bracelet on your left arm. Likewise, if you want to receive positive energy from your surroundings, you should wear your bracelet on your left hand.

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