4 Upcoming Space Design Trends No Saigonese Architect Should Miss

Being a space design trendsetter in Ho Chi Minh City isn’t easy. The Siagonese design industry is ever-evolving with trends that define luxury, comfort, functionality, and high-quality urban living.

Hence, it’s tough to pinpoint the upcoming trends. Yet, knowing what’s happening in the space design domain can offer interesting insights into the future.

In this post, we have pointed out a few upcoming trends that will help Saigonese architects and designers make better design decisions.

  1. Biophilic Design Is the Rage

An increasing number of people, not just in Saigon but all over the world, are conscious of their environmental impact. Hence, designers and architects are turning to nature for inspiration.

Going forward, you can expect contrasting designs. For instance, bright hues like cherry yellow and olive green will be combined with earthy tones like rust, terracotta, deep navy, and mushroom grey. These tones will be incorporated into the elements and materials used.

Biophilic design is a raving trend in outdoor spaces. This design incorporates natural elements like natural light, wood, and plants and the use of energy-efficient devices.

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Commercial spaces, for instance, are using environmental-friendly materials and equipment in their spaces. When it comes to outdoor advertising, even their billboard lights use energy-efficient LED lighting that’s proven to be safe for the environment.

  1. The Circular Economy Is Kicking In

Going by the sustainability trend, architects and construction teams will be more aware of construction waste and find innovative ways to process waste.

Construction waste from apartment buildings and commercial structures has been a huge concern in Vietnam. Also, this waste is the top offender in Saigon when it comes to the factors contributing to the growing landfill volume.

Hence, architects are getting more conscious of implementing design and building practices that reduce waste by recycling, salvaging, and reusing the remains after a project is completed.

Till a few years back, the circular economy wasn’t the focus for Saigoneses architects. But the increased awareness about the environment is encouraging architects to create a closed-loop system that diverts materials from landfills.

When practiced properly, the circular economy will increase the lifespan of construction raw materials, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

  1. Workspaces Will Be Redesigned to Incorporate Wellness and Mental Health

The pandemic is fairly under control and after getting their vaccinations, the people of Ho Chi Minh City are slowly getting back to physical offices. This is the time when employers are working with designers and architects to prepare the workspace for work-life after the pandemic.

Space design today is incorporating several hospitality-based elements where employees can look forward to more homely comforts. Moreover, the office designs will support employee wellness and mental health.

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Saigonese architects should appreciate that these elements will play a big role in helping employees transition from remote working to the physical office environment.

For instance, restful retreats like pause pods are being increasingly incorporated in workplaces for those who need quiet or want to focus without distractions.

So, going forward workspaces in Saigon will have less rigid structures and be more welcoming and adaptive. Architects can expect their clients in the commercial space to ask for design options that uplift and enhance the work environment.

The Japandi Design Trend Is Catching Up

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There’s no doubt that Japandi will remain one of the key space design trends in Siagon in the coming years. Japandi design delicately combines Japanese and Scandinavian design elements to get the best of both worlds.

So, this design stands for simplicity, organization, and minimalism. Spaces designers are using a modern-rustic vibe from the Scandinavian design and fusing it with the traditional elegance of Japanese design. This not just brings harmony to the space but also adds personality to the space.

Summing Up

Ho Chi Minh City is fast-growing with a huge influx of people. Hence, in the coming years, you can expect a surge in space design creativity and innovation. The trends shared above will shape the Saigonese design industry and help architects and designers plan spaces in a better way.

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