Know how Loco maintains the security of user’s information on their app

Loco is a live gaming platform consisting mainly of trivia games just like the Getmega gaming app. Online gaming platforms are always a high-risk zone because, nowadays, these gaming apps deal with real money and whenever there is money, there is risk, scam, fraud. To keep the users safe, all the platforms try their very best to integrate the best security measures. 

Loco is also linked with the UPI payment platform, Paytm, therefore, it includes the API integrations, thus, the security levels need to be checked on a constant basis. The Loco gaming app tries to give the best experience to their customers in trivia games and by giving real money awards it encourages them to play games. But it is also working on the security of the gaming app. Loco is also considered the best app to maintain the security of users’ information. 

Loco maintains the security of users’ information in the following ways-

  • One Time Password 

The Loco app is now safeguarded with the One-time password (OTP) SMS. It has an automated bot system. Whenever users log in to the Loco app, they revive the message on their linked contact number. As it ensures that they are using the Loco app and it also verifies that their account is activated in the Loco gaming app. When a customer changes their Paytm account, they send OTP for verification from both sides.

In this way, Loco has ensured the safety of its customers via SMS.

  • Cookies

These are the small files with some data to identify the user. These Cookies are sent to you through the browser and saved in your device memory. Loco app gives its customers an option to choose whether they want to accept these cookies or decline the cookies. Thus, it all depends on the customer whether they want to share their data or not. After that, any mishap is not the responsibility of the app.

  • Third-party service

It is highly recommended to all the customers to read the privacy policy carefully so that you know which terms and conditions you are accepting. When you accept third-party service, it will take you from one app or website to another app or website. But these are not handled by the app. They can access your information. The Loco app didn’t give any access to third-party services, which maintains the privacy of the customers.

  • Link to another website

When one app is connected to another, it will share the data of the users. By this, there is no verification of whether the user is fake or real because social media apps such as Instagram, Meta, or Twitter allow users to make fake ids. Thus, if an application is linked to these social media platforms, then it gives the real data in the wrong hands. Loco is not linked with other platforms on a compulsory basis. However, it gives the option to the users to link their account but the app is not responsible for any mishap. 

  • Children’s privacy

Loco strictly follows the age limit of the user. Apps don’t provide service to users below the age of 13. If in any event, it is identified that anyone below the age of 13 is using our app, the Loco app immediately deletes the information from their server. Loco app also allows the parents and guardians to contact them if they find out their child is using the app so that they can take necessary actions.

  • Social media and security risks 

When there is an issue in the application, it is always related to social media. As we know social media and security risks go hand-in-hand, social platforms help hackers to hack the information of the customers. They might hack customers’ computers and mobile phones. That’s why the Loco app tries to avoid any interaction with social media. They also update their security policy timely to give their customers a safe experience in an online gaming platform.


Loco gaming app gives its 100% to its customers. There are other gaming apps such as Getmega, which also ensures the safety of its users. Getmega takes its user’s Aadhar card, Social media profile details which are risky for users to share details, it also collects IP addresses of the users and analyzes website traffic, it uses software applications.

Some of the leniency such as sharing user profiles in social media apps might lead to big trouble, thus, it is recommended to app developers by security concerns teams to restrict the sharing. All the customers are highly recommended to read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the website or application before accepting it so that you know the consequences of using it and you will be ready to bear the consequences.

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