Living Stories

Experience another layer of Saigon through stories from everyday locals “I started this because I realized that every association with Vietnam revolved around banh mi, pho and conical hats,” explains Linh, the creator of Hidden Saigon (, while en-route to our first stop on the tour itinerary. Linh continues, saying that the only way to … Read more

Rated PG: An Interview with Filmmaker Charlie Nguyen

Filmmaker Charlie Nguyen talks about Hollywood, the Vietnamese movie industry and his controversial movie Vietnamese cinema enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that Charlie Nguyen, the filmmaker who should really be credited with kicking off the contemporary commercial movie industry in Vietnam, is not actually about to pack his bags and leave the country for … Read more

Living in the Past

A 400-page book about the history of Ho Chi Minh City is about to launch. We speak to its author…. A short walk away from my own little corner of suburban Cholon stands a gorgeous old Chinese homestead. It’s not a tourist attraction by any stretch of the imagination, and it’s not easy to find; … Read more

A Unique Blend

How a surge in the Chinese population influenced Singaporean-Malay cuisine What do San Francisco and Dongguan have in common? Both are major worldwide boomtowns, but chances are you’ve never heard of the second one, whose population is already 10 times that of San Francisco. There are dozens of Chinese cities with populations of over one million people and more crop up … Read more