Sweet Ambition

Learn how to make your favorite desserts so you don’t have to share As most would agree, Vietnamese food is some of the most delicious in the world. From foreigner favorite bun thit nuong, to iconic pho bo, to crowd pleasing appetizer goi cuon, to the joys of a fresh, crispy banh xeo: the list is endless. … Read more

The Art of Healing

Raising mental health awareness in Vietnam through the universal language of art Open a Vietnamese dictionary and it becomes clear why “mental health” is generally misunderstood and misdiagnosed in Vietnam. The definition of “mental health illness” in Vietnamese is “benh tam than,” which translates to “someone with a severe psychiatric disorder that is close to madness.” The definition for a “psychiatrist” similarly translates as “doctors … Read more

Bring on the Bacteria

Making your own fermented foods for better gut health Food has the power to heal. For some this is common sense, however, for many others it is a radical statement. Arguably, those in developed countries are likely to fall into the latter camp, as decades of drug-focussed medicine has led us to believe that antibiotics are the answer to all ailments. The … Read more