Borderless Cash

Expats and digital nomads are ditching banks and turning to fintech Life as an expat is not always easy, especially when it comes to managing money. Balancing multiple currencies and accounts in different countries can be challenging – especially in a country where the government may not mind the money coming in, but is less … Read more

Sweet Ambition

Learn how to make your favorite desserts so you don’t have to share As most would agree, Vietnamese food is some of the most delicious in the world. From foreigner favorite bun thit nuong, to iconic pho bo, to crowd pleasing appetizer goi cuon, to the joys of a fresh, crispy banh xeo: the list is endless. … Read more

A Tangled Web

WordPress SOS rescues a website hostage Running a website is not fun. Rewarding? Perhaps. And for entrepreneurs and small business owners it’s absolutely necessary. But is it fun? Oh no: no it is not. And this, dear readers, your writer can say from bitter experience. For over six months I have been managing a well-established … Read more

Building Electric Dreams

On Vietnam’s crazy roads, “If you can’t beat them, scare them” There are times an idea so seemingly preposterous is aired that only the kindest among us do not smirk meanly into our coffees. If the advocate is a close friend or family member, we might offer some reserved, amused encouragement; however, on hearing about … Read more

Cultural Crossroads

How an Italian brand became a status symbol among the country’s sea of motorbikes There are few that can paint a vibrant verbal picture like an Italian—for anything—even a machine: “An Asian woman riding a Vespa is taking part in a ‘défiler’—she is making a fashion show, a statement to all those around her that … Read more

A Question of Me

A morning with Andrew Lam: accomplished author, regular commentator on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and co-founder of New America Media “WHO AM I?” Is a question celebrated author and journalist Andrew Lam is, arguably, obsessed with. From his earliest published work Perfume Dreams through to his latest novel, Birds of Paradise Lost, the question of identity is pervasive. In the wider sense Lam is interested … Read more

Let’s Talk About Sex

The shifting terrain of sex education in Vietnam Last month two young Vietnamese men Le Hoang Thach,(30) and Le Huynh Ha (28) caused a storm on social media with a video in which they called on young women to stop having abortions. Part of a wider campaign entitled Me oi! Dung giet con! (“Mama don’t … Read more

Trash to Treasure

Cleaning Danang’s beaches and re-moulding plastic perceptions Living in Saigon, where the end of every trading day sees a tsunami of single use plastic piled high in drains, and where the river is becoming increasingly clogged with cups, straws and bags, it is easy to despair at the seemingly unstoppable negative impact humans are having … Read more

Some R&R

Relax and re-use by the river Schiller River Club ( is not just another expat bar, well—at least that’s what German owner and founder Ben Schiller is aiming for. Located way out of town in Thu Duc, this riverside venue is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, a key factor behind its … Read more