Many children in Vietnam live along rivers and waterways that are often extremely polluted. Daily exposure to contaminated water causes serious health effects, although these are not always directly visible. In desperate need for a strong campaign, Unicef has decided to call on the most vulnerable victims—children—to help shock people into awareness of their situation. To this end, Happiness Saigon and Unicef have joined creative forces to launch their first campaign together called #NOFILTER.

Photographer Teo Chai Guan took portraits of Vietnamese children living along polluted rivers, developing the pictures in the traditional way in a darkroom—using polluted water from the river in their own neighborhoods. These are the results.

Unicef_Minh Nguyen_SGTT_35x26cm-02

Unicef_Duc Hao_SGTT_35x26cm-02


Unicef_Du Thu_SGTT_35x26cm-02


If impure water does this to a picture, imagine what it does to the health and well-being of a child. Clean water matters.

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unnamed (9)

unnamed (4)

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