Silver Wear

Silver has always been a part of Kim Quyen-Tran’s life. Her parents own a shop selling silver in their hometown of Can Tho. So when Kim decided to start her own jewelry collection called Taini (3A Station – 3A Ton Duc Thang, D1), her parents were naturally her first go-to contact.

“I went back home and asked my parents if I could use some of their silver to make jewelry,” she says. “I just love the color of silver, it’s simply beautiful.” The production process is also a family affair. “I design on paper, and then send it to my father in Can Tho. He makes it, and then delivers it back to me.”



Kim’s collection is inspired by her numerous visits to flea markets with extra personal touches to create a background story. “The first ring I ever made was inspired by one of my mother’s favorite hairpins. It was a bestseller.”

“I make handmade jewelry and keep it simple,” she adds. “Now in Vietnam there are too many jewelry shops that only sell over-the-top and dramatic jewelry.” Kim’s wants to bring jewelry back to basics, where less is more.


She also explains the meaning behind the name “Taini,” which is a play on the word “tiny” with a Vietnamese twist. Kim chose it to convey the delicate nature of the jewelry she creates. Pieces in her collection range from VND100,000 to VND300,000.

Establishing Taini helped Kim fulfill her childhood dream. “Ever since I was in primary school I have only ever wanted to be a business woman.” Currently a university student studying economics, Kim hopes to put her degree to use to grow from taini to big.



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