Metiseko New Collection

Metiseko launches new organic cotton collection on Friday, September 14 th

Metiseko will launch their new collection at 6:30 pm on Friday 14th of September at their Saigon store on 157 Dong Khoi street.

Metiseko is a French-Vietnamese brand with stores in Saigon and Hoi An, the city where everything started 8 years ago. For the new collection Coi-Origins they went back to the early days in Hoi An, in order to create a warm and heartfelt collection, focusing on summer and friendship, on inner journeys and close relationships.

The color palette is inspired by the changing daylight in Hoi An – from sunrise to sunset. The fabric colors include Terracotta, Curcuma, light Denim and Aqua Blue to offer a refined and subtle color range – both for men and women.

Marketing & Communications Material including: newsletters, websites, brochures, calendars, POSM, catalogues, annual reports. local (1 country) 5 years (August 2018 to August 2023)

The collection opts for a casual look. While the men’s styling tends towards a smart streetwear look, the women collection pursues a minimalist-chic approach, playing with oversized fit among others. All garments are made of 100% organic cotton, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).

The Clothes are printed in Saigon and tailored in their own workshops in Hoi An. Due to the close connection to the whole production chain, Metiseko can oversee and check every step of the manufacturing and know exactly under which conditions their fashion is being produced.

On this collection Metiseko collaborated with Linda Mai Phung, a fashion designer with Vietnamese roots who has been dedicated to the creation of sustainable fashion in Vietnam for many years.

Marketing & Communications Material including: newsletters, websites, brochures, calendars, POSM, catalogues, annual reports. local (1 country) 5 years (August 2018 to August 2023)

French-Vietnamese Co-Founder Erwan Perzo said: “We are proud to release our 8th collection after 10 months of intense work. As always, we created unique prints for sustainable high-quality fabric and are looking forward to share our work with everyone.

Co-Founder and Artistic Director Florence said: “This collection is called Coi-Origins, Coi can mean in Vietnamese either Root or Origins. It’s mainly about an inner journey, a way to suspend the time for a while and think about what is essential in life. Simple moments shared with friends here and now. Having a fresh look on daily life and appreciating the beauty and friendliness of our home.

Images provided by Metiseko

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