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Rifle Range

Saigon’s sniper club aims to promote camaraderie and sportsmanship, not war

“War taught me how to handle a gun and shoot. It has saved my life many times. But this is peacetime now and I don’t want people to think only of war and bloodshed when they see a gun. I want people […]

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Hang On

A relatively new sport, bouldering gathers momentum amongst the local community in Saigon

On a Tuesday afternoon, I find myself clinging to a wall four meters off the ground, unsure how to get back down. “Push off the wall and fall on to your back!” the instructor yells at […]

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Take a Bow

Make like Katniss and Robin Hood and learn how to hit the bullseye

“People ask me these questions a lot: Why archery? Why not some other modern sport?” says Hoang Anh, founder and president of the Saigon Archery Club (SAC), the first and largest archery club in Ho Chi […]

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Trail Blazer

If you’re looking for a more adventurous type of mountain bike riding, enduro is the way to go

With a rush of adrenaline, a supportive community, and an escape from the hectic energy of the city, enduro mountain biking is gaining popularity and exposure in Vietnam and all throughout Asia […]

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Got The Thirst

Top your water bottle up for free at refill stations across Southeast Asia

With tourism booming in Southeast Asia, concern about sustainable and responsible tourism is a growing conversation. How do we visit the most naturally breathtaking places in the world and preserve rather than destroy them? This is a […]

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Second Thoughts

Saeko Ando artist revisits her early works

A Japanese artist based in Vietnam since 1995, Saeko studied Son Mai lacquer painting under artist Trinh Tuan, lacquer master Doan Chi Trung and lacquer craftsman Lam Huu Chinh. She has continued to use natural lacquer in the face of […]

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Keyboard Warriors

The rise of the digital athlete

An important confrontation will have a critical flashpoint inside of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. No, we’re not talking about the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump. The leaders will be long […]

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Forgotten Voices

A revival of Saigon’s golden age of music

It might be Dance Club Arcan’s unique interior decoration and it’s oddly powerful soundproofing that always makes it feel like another world when you walk up to the venue from the quiet, otherwise unassuming homey Binh Thanh neighborhood […]

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Be Like Myke

In conversation with Coach Myke Nguyen, founder of the Vietnam Basketball Academy, to learn more about the organization

Begun in 2010, Vietnam Basketball Academy teaches fundamentals like a crisp bounce pass or a step-back jumper, but more than that, they teach life essentials like positivity and respect.

As a youth Coach Myke Nguyen’s parents instilled in […]

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A Fighting Family

We break the first–and second–rule of this fight club to let you in on where to throw jabs, hooks and uppercuts, and get strong physically and mentally in no time

“Good Martial Arts is not about going out and kicking ass,” professional fighter and Victory MMA International […]

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