Is it safe to work out after consuming Kratom tea?

In recent years, Kratom has taken the fitness industry by storm. This herb has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes as well as a relaxant. It is again making a comeback in the wellness communities in various forms.  

Fitness freaks have been widely promoting the consumption of Kratom in the form of Kratom tea as a pre-workout supplement. Mainly due to its pain-relieving and stimulating properties, Bodybuilders and Fitness enthusiasts have widely accepted this change in their pre-workout drink.

Kratom Tea- What is it?

Kratom, also called Mitragyna speciosais a tropical tree species that grows primarily in the jungles of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Thailand. Traditionally, field workers would chew on them to help increase energy to tackle the heat and extreme fatigue. Recently, Kratom again has resurfaced in various forms, namely, as,

  • Powder
  • Capsules
  • Tea, wherein the leaves of the Kratom tree are brewed

Kratom’s role in the Fitness area

In fitness, pre-workout supplements are used for their immediate energy boost and enhance the capability to give more effort. Using a pre-workout supplement helps enhance motivation, increased energy, a high level of confidence, and the ability to carry out the workouts longer. The premium green borneo kratom has all the abilities to provide the same, making it an excellent pre-workout supplement, provided the dosage, as well as the time, are proper. The most preferred and safest modes of consumption would be via kratom capsules or in the form of tea. 

Kratom Dosage – A Key to enhancement

The use of Kratom in fitness would yield the proper result provided the key element of the process is followed strictly, i.e., the dosage. The effects of Kratom can be both stimulating as well as sedating, depending on the dosage. Consumption of small amounts would usually result in uplifting the mood and energizing. While higher doses would result in making you sedated and lazy, thus, defeating the purpose of the plant. 

It is recommended to take a small dosage, ranging from 1gm to 4gm of the plant. It is important as well that the dose should be thirty minutes before the workout regime.

Points to remember while using Kratom Tea

Kratom tea serves as the best alternative to caffeine, as a pre-workout supplement, as the former does not have the energy crash like the latter. However, there are a few points that you should remember before using Kratom Tea as a pre-workout supplement. They are:

  • It is advisable to keep the doses low when using them as a pre-workout supplement. This is because Kratom acts as a stimulant in low doses while as a sedative in higher ones, higher doses would give rise to lethargy and laziness.
  • It takes about 30 to 40 minutes for the Kratom to take effect and lasts for about 3 hours. So, it’s very important to have the workout planned. It is also advised to not consume any more Kratom in between workouts.
  • Using Kratom tea as a pre-workout supplement regularly can lead to dehydration. So, keeping yourself hydrated is a primary objective. Failing to do so might also result in constipation.
  • Drinking lots of water would also be a great help not only in preventing constipation but also to the overall performance of our body. Drinking water and taking hydration boosts would help in delivering hydration to each cell in your body 2-3x faster than water alone. Visit
  • Know your herbs properly to avoid the wrong dosage. For Pre-Workout Supplement, White and Green strains are the most popular among the energizing strains. It is advised to avoid red strains of Kratom as they have a sedative effect.

4 Best Kratom strains you can try for working out

People can make Kratom Tea from any strains of Kratom trees. Various strains have various effects on the person consuming it, where some might not be a good pre-workout supplement. The best four strains for working out are listed below:


This strain hails from Malaysia, thus its name. It is known for its effectiveness in providing a sudden boost in energy and is excellent for a morning workout as it lasts for a few hours. 


 This strain originates from Indonesia. It is a much powerful strain that enhances the workout routine and increases the time to push the workout.  


This strain originates from Thailand and is known for its high alkaloid quantity than its peers. It is known for its high energy spikes and is advised to start with a smaller dose and go up higher slowly with time. 


This strain was initially used to make coffee and is even popular to this day. Fitness enthusiasts are fond of this strain due to its easy availability and safer doses.

Benefits of using Kratom Tea as a pre-workout Supplement

The Benefits of Kratom do not affect muscle building on the increase in fitness directly. Instead, Kratom plays the role of an indirect catalyst. The following points would tell you how,

  • Pain Relief:

Kratom has been popular because of its analgesic properties. It deals with strenuous workout pain effectively. Managing a day’s workout pain and healing from the wear-and-tear in the muscles helps get back on the next day and continue the workouts.

  • Appetite Control: 

Using Kratom keeps a check on controlling the diet. The reason behind it is that consumption of Kratom leads to a reduced appetite. Even though the appetite is directly proportional to the effort every day the body gives into various activities, it keeps a check and helps in maintaining the diet.

  • Motivation: 

Taking Kratom has helped in keeping people motivated. Many users have given feedback that Kratom tea has enabled them to stay motivated throughout their regular workout sessions while being prone to quitting. Thus, Kratom makes you less lazy if taken in the right dosage.

  • Energy Boost:

Kratom provides a boost in energy which in turn helps in building stamina. Thus, carrying out lengthy and strenuous routines have become easier. Kratom can substitute any of the energy drinks in the market. It is because Kratom makes you more energetic and then offers a relaxing effect rather than being jittery or nervous. 

KRATOM – A Safe and Secured Element in Pre-Workouts

Unlike most of the substances in pre-workout supplements, Kratom is an organic extract from the leaves of the kratom tree. It is either powdered, pilled, or brewed and then consumed by fitness enthusiasts all over the globe. As it does not have jittery or anxious effects, Kratom provides the proper substitution for its distant relative, caffeine. There are a lot of myths and rumors in the market. But there is no scientific evidence that Kratom has direct involvement in any health problems, which the FDA has also cited. Consumption of Kratom is still advised to be done following medical advice. 


While large doses have sedative effects that aid in anxiety, the best dosage for working out is lower. It also has a different effect on different people. Thus, it is always advised to increase the dosage with time. 

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