7 Different things You Can Pair with Your Coffee

Coffee is a must-have drink for most people. But having it plain with no side snack or dish can affect your stomach lining. Fortunately, you can pair coffee with all kinds of food, from spicy dishes to pastries. Also, you can use different healthy oils, such as MCT oil, and gain all the benefits of MCT oil and others you prefer. For coffee drinkers, knowing what to pair with their coffee is a great skill to have. You will impress their guests and enjoy the satisfaction during the coffee break. Below is a guide to help inspire your coffee pairings that will entice your taste buds. 

  1. Coffee cake 

Coffee and coffee cake is a classic pairing as the design of the flavors is complimentary. Coffee cake is the best pair with coffee to consume with the beverage. During the baking process, the sponge is flavored with instant coffee. In this way, you get the intense coffee flavor in the mixture. Plus, you can pair your coffee cake with any coffee, but it’s best with a light or medium roast for a smooth and sweet afternoon treat. Make sure your coffee is made with the best Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker.

2. Fruit 

Berry fruits are a common pairing with coffee. Enjoy the delicious flavor notes of drinking coffee with a tasty fruit salad. Coffee from Yemen and Kenya is the best to pair with fruit as they are flavorful, and thus they complement the berry flavors. For this reason, it is an excellent choice for your morning caffeine fix, due to the tartness in blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. It complements the coffee well. For a full-bodied coffee, opt for blueberries as the pairing is less tart and a little sweeter.

3. Cinnamon buns 

In the autumn months, cinnamon buns and coffee are a great pairing. The bold coffee flavors work well with the spicy notes of cinnamon. Enjoy your cinnamon buns with a cappuccino coffee drink. When you place an order at your coffee shop next time, grab a cinnamon bun and try out this delicious combination. Optionally, you can make both of them at home and give everyone a spicy treat. 

4. Plant-based milk

Dairy-free milk is simply delicious. Such as soy milk, oat milk, and nut milk. Pair this milk with coffee and add a different flavor to your brew, and you can experience a range of tasty combinations. To enjoy this pairing more, fill your fridge with various dairy-free milk for a range of choices you can add to your morning coffee. In your mocha, use hazelnut milk. It is delicious as it adds nuttiness to this chocolatey coffee drink. If creamy flavors are your favorite, try oat or cashew milk for a rich-tasting coffee. 

5. Crepes 

The delectable crepe is an ideal French pairing. You can opt for sweet or savory crepes as they are simple in flavor. Plus, rather than distracting from the roast, they complement it. For a scrumptious treat, have your crepe with salted caramel with your creamy cappuccino drink. Additionally, for a hearty breakfast, serve your crepe with mushrooms and vegan sausages.  

6. Oatmeal and raisin cookies

For a perfect accompaniment and a tasty snack to enjoy your coffee. Opt to pair your afternoon coffee with oatmeal and raisins. When you consume them with coffee, the creamy oatmeal taste, and bittersweet raisin flavor complement one another well. Add a splash of oat milk to your coffee as you serve it with a cookie for a tastier oat experience.

7. French macarons

Macarons are a crispy and delicate treat that pairs perfectly with a light roast. Pair with a light roast as the coffee is less bitter and it is smooth. Plus, it will not overpower the soft flavors of the snack. You can enjoy your macarons in various flavors, including coffee. 

To conclude, the above coffee pairing ideas are vital to trying out new and delicious treats, but not limited to just these as there are endless combinations. Try out others and pair your coffee with oils, butter, spices, among other things, to improve its taste and enjoy your coffee and snack combination. Ask friends and coffee lovers you know of ways you can try and experiment until you get your favorite pairing. 

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