Troi Oi! October 2018

The country in numbers… VND18 billion in fines Directorate for Roads of Viet Nam. The fines were handed out to overloaded vehicles, which were inspected from July 21 to August 20 this year. At vehicle weighting stations on highways, the inspectors discovered nearly 1,700 overloaded trucks, leading to the revocation of 556 driving licenses and fines. However, … Read more

Troi Oi!

The country in numbers 10 years after a law was passed requiring the use of helmets while riding motorbikes, concerns remain over their proper use and quality, as well as the law’s extension to children. Helmeted motorcyclists now account for more than 90 percent of all motorcycle users in Vietnam. In contrast to this, a mere 35 to … Read more

Accelerated Growth

Vietnam’s nouveau riche are driving the luxury boom Vietnam is emerging as a promising market for luxury cars. And what has changed is that premium auto sales are now being made by authorized, rather than unofficial, importers: BMW appointed Euro Auto, Porsche entered the country with Prestige Sports Car, and Mercedes-Benz began imports. When the USD97,000 Audi … Read more

Joe the Mechanic

When leaving your US$500,000 car to just anyone won’t do, it’s time to call Dr. Joe What is your background? Joe: For many years I worked as a professional engineer designing, testing and developing cars while enjoying the global experience that comes with the car giants. I also worked in the aerospace industry. It was … Read more