Point & Shoot

As an ‘instant photographer,’ Moi tells us how the digital revolution is phasing out his job… MOI WALKS THE street every day taking pictures of tourists and the occasional Vietnamese couple who can’t afford a camera. For each successful picture delivered on time, he’s paid VND15,000. He is an ‘instant photographer,’ and his kind is … Read more

Nothing’s Free

By trying to lower the cost of flying, airlines may soon be charging passengers outrageous supplementary fees… MAY 21, 2008 will forever go down as a darday in aviation history. US carrier American Airlines became one of the first legacy airlines to borrow a page from the low-cost carrier playbook and charge passengers for checked … Read more

Self Service

When it comes to customer service here, you’re on your own… THE 21ST CENTURY has brought waves of tourists to Vietnam, attracted by the nation’s undeniable charm, delicious food, cheap souvenirs and natural beauty. According to the HCMC Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the city welcomed some 365,000 international tourists in November 2012, up … Read more