Mutiny In The Garden

An exhibition of new paintings by Lien Truong Born in Vietnam and based in the US, Lien Truong employs a rich pastiche of styles uniquely her own as she explores the cultural dynamics of domination, assimilation and resistance throughout history. The show takes its title from a new body of work inspired by The Course … Read more

Two Families Apart

The one that went and the one left behind Few words engender feelings of warmth, safety and belonging like “family.” Especially this time of the year, when Vietnamese families the world over gather for a few precious days of merrymaking, overeating and good-natured gossip. For some, it’s literally the only respite from an unforgiving work … Read more

Conflicts of Interest

French photojournalist Patrick Chauvel defines his life around photography, war and peace Text by Lottie Delamian Image by Quinn Ryan Mattingly Patrick Chauvel has pretty much seen it all. Arriving in Vietnam in 1968, aged just 18, he embarked on a photography career that has spanned nearly 50 years and taken him to the heart … Read more

From Napalm to Palm Trees

On June 8, 1972 then 21-year-old AP photographer Nick Ut took a history changing photo that will forever be known as “Napalm Girl”. Oi sits down with Nick to talk about the photo, Paris Hilton, and why Photoshop is cheating… The “Napalm Girl” photo has been widely praised as the photo that stopped the war. Was it luck or skill? Or simply being at … Read more