Daughter of The War

A poignant story about hardships and perseverance of one incredible person during the aftermath of the American War Nobody in the family told me why I had to live apart from my parents until I finally figured out the reason,” I was half-American”. It was the outsiders calling me “Half ” that made me question myself. Even though I was just a … Read more

The Bomb Sawyers

Inside Vietnam’s deadliest job of sawing apart explosives to sell off scrap metal and raw dynamite In 2015, Forbes released a list of top ten deadliest jobs in America. The professions that top first and second on this list are loggers at a 109.5 out of 100,000 workers fatality rate, and fishers at 80.8 out … Read more

A Tale of Two Families

Few words engender feelings of warmth, safety and belonging like “family.” Especially this time of the year, when Vietnamese families the world over gather for a few precious days of merrymaking, overeating and good-natured gossip. For some, it’s literally the only respite from an unforgiving work schedule, time to revel in the embrace of family. … Read more

Conflicts of Interest

French photojournalist Patrick Chauvel defines his life around photography, war and peace Text by Lottie Delamian Image by Quinn Ryan Mattingly Patrick Chauvel has pretty much seen it all. Arriving in Vietnam in 1968, aged just 18, he embarked on a photography career that has spanned nearly 50 years and taken him to the heart … Read more