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Curious About Cupping

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of healing that has been used for many different purposes more than 3,500 years

According to an article on positivehealthwellness.com by Karen Reed, there are numerous scientifically proven benefits to cupping therapy, which includes helping the body recover from weaknesses due to […]

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My Life As a Bird Artist

Capturing the inherent beauty of birds through ink and paper

As I write this, I’m sitting outside on my balcony with a morning cup of tea, listening to the birds singing and planning the day. My own two parrots are out here with me and I’m watching a […]

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Nature is Calling

Raising public consciousness of protecting Vietnam’s flora and fauna

Gaia nature conservation, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental conservation efforts in Vietnam, is opening a new educational program in cooperation with World Wildlife Fund and HSBC Bank. The program is focused on changing negative behavior towards nature through education and communication programs, and will […]

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The Dry Fruits of Labor

An initiative to help farmers improve income, health by drying fruits and vegetables with solar dryers

Vietnam has a deep love affair with fruit. Everywhere you go—city or countryside—you are overwhelmed by the sheer variety. From the more common mango and coconut, to the (relatively) exotic longan, lychee and dragonfruit. The tropical weather, and […]

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Tie a Green Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree

Spreading the “be green” trend in Vietnam

“It started with just me and a few students,” says Nhan Nguyen, one of the founders of Vietnam Sach & Xanh (Vietnam Clean & Green), a nonprofit organization working to make the country litter free and environmentally friendly. Of course, this was […]

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Be Like The Lotus

Chris Humphrey talks to Dang Thanh Long, Executive Director of Vietnam Green Buildings Council, about how they increase the number of environmentally-friendly buildings in Vietnam and improve quality of life as a result

It seems fitting to meet Dang Thanh Long in Creative City, one of Hanoi’s most progressive office spaces. The […]

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Daughter of The War

A poignant story about hardships and perseverance of one incredible person during the aftermath of the American War

Nobody in the family told me why I had to live apart from my parents until I finally figured out the reason,” I was half-American”. It was the […]

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It Takes a Village

The ubquitous bamboo is forever tied in to Vietnamese culture and identity

For centuries, the Vietnamese have seen themselves in the hardy, strong, ramrod straight plant, a fitting symbol for the strength and resilience of the people. The fact that bamboo grows in clusters speaks of the nation’s solidarity.

Throughout the […]

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Let’s Bag the Plastic Bags

Cassava starch bags you can buy today to help stop plastic pollution

Whether you are buying coffee, a book or even just a single candy bar, the cashier would most likely be wrapping your purchase in a plastic bag inside another plastic bag. The excessive use […]

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Bark to The Future

Pet supply retailers and services are beginning to bloom in Vietnam

One must put things in prospective in regards to the evolution of pet ownership and a supporting pet supply retail industry in Vietnam. The first documented, commercial “small companion animal” veterinarian clinic opened in Hanoi in 2003 […]

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