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Bit By Bit

Through distribution of eco-friendly products and education, a couple hopes to make Vietnam a little less plastic

Last year, Lauren Singer became a viral sensation when she published a video on her YouTube channel Trash is for Tossers about how she […]

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Trapped By The Boat

Questioning when to protect and when to abandon “tradition”

As a last concluding project in the Australia International School’s international baccalaureate arts program, students must show at the student art show that ends the school year. A substantial portion of their […]

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Deep Rooted Solutions

How Mangrove forests can protect the coastal areas and rice fields of the Mekong Delta from storms and flooding

It seems like the time of dramatic pronouncements of climate forecasts: a United Nations report released in October said humans have just […]

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River Life

Sam Beumkes captures everyday life along the Saigon River, from exercising and fishing to trading and walking man’s best friend, there’s something about the stillness of the water that makes life a little bit calmer in this bustling city.

Vinhomes in […]

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Floating Downstream

With Tet slowly peering around the corner, Vietnam’s waterways will soon be busier than ever

The gentle ‘put-put’ of a single-cylinder Chinese diesel engine is the soundtrack to the waterways of Vietnam. While large, modern, metal-hulled freighters and sand barges have […]

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From Land To Water

How Saigon is rediscovering its aquatic spirit
The Saigon Waterbus ( is only about a year old, but the project’s creators see it as a spiritual successor to Vietnam’s lasting historical partnership with the nation’s water resources. The first boat left […]

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Some R&R

Relax and re-use by the river

Schiller River Club ( is not just another expat bar, well—at least that’s what German owner and founder Ben Schiller is aiming for. Located way out of town in Thu Duc, this riverside venue is far […]

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Stand Up And Wave

Gain a new appreciation for Saigon’s much-maligned waterway through a fun, accessible new sport

When I moved to Saigon in 2017, one of the first things that struck me was the river: and not in a good way. From my balcony […]

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  • Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

Combine your love of Japanese food and cooking in one place

As students lined their cake pans and became familiar with ingredients neatly arranged in the middle of the large island-style table, the coziness of Star Kitchen ( was evident. Warm […]

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Big Love

The woman behind Vietnam’s extravagant, over-the-top weddings
Lam Tran and Hien Vo tied the knot on December 19, 2014. The theme of their wedding was called “Love in the Air” because the couple loves to travel. It was an extravagant affair […]

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