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The Magic of Old Vines

Age before beauty in the world of viticulture

Every now and then a bottle of wine reaches the market with a label that says “old vines”,“vinas Viejas”, “Vignes vielles” or “alte reben”, depending on where the wine comes from. But, how does the age of the […]

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Fit for a King

Yu Chu gives comfort Cantonese cuisine a royal makeover

Chances are that if you’ve had Chinese food outside of China, it’s been a version of Cantonese cuisine. In the 1800s, a large number of mainly Cantonese immigrants journeyed overseas to work on the railroads in America or to […]

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Hoi An on a Plate

Spice Viet Restaurant serves up lighter, fresher fare

One of the joys of Hoi An is uncovering its surprisingly robust culinary scene. While part of the foodie experience is wandering down alleyways in search of a single-dish food stand that may or may not […]

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Same Same or Different

Aside from making your food shine, a well balanced wine list can inject individuality and boost your bottom line

Every now and then I am hired as a consultant to design a bar and restaurant’s wine list. What all my clients have in common […]

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Pretty Betty

Tam Le is set to make her mark on Saigon’s food scene

Everything about the night so far has been surreal. Our table comprised of furloughed Americans, cousins from London, a PhD student from Hue and a Saigonese photographer are listening to […]

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Top Of The Tipple

A collection of affordable wines from Australia available to buy online delivered direct to your door
Really Affordable, Deliciously Australian (RADA), RADA VIETNAM ( aims to provide customers in Vietnam. Quality and knowledge should supersede profit, and this philosophy is the […]

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Technology and Wine

Technology will continue to impact the wine industry, not only for consumers, but those making wine as well

Rather than writing about Tet and wine, I thought of doing something different and ask you, or ask myself, if technology has a […]

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Recipe for Succes

In conversation with Zsuzsanna Rozsa, founder of restaurant consultant group Art of F&B, on troubleshooting problems and maximizing profits
Tell us how you established a career in restaurant consultancy and why you felt there was a need for it here?

I have […]

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Fire Power

Quince Saigon serves up simple, smoky goodness

The dictionary lists at least ten definitions for the word “simple”. Some carry a negative connotation (think: stupid, unsophisticated, or basic) whereas others are more positive (humble, unpretentious, the opposite of what kids mean […]

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Eat, Drink and Be Merry

One of the city’s best festive buffets, bringing classic holiday cuisine to Saigon

In the open, airy dining room with soft, indirect lighting is the setting of a festive holiday buffet at Viet Kitchen at the Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon (8-15 […]

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