What is a magnetic screen door?

Are you tired of slamming screen doors closed at night and having to hold it open during hot summer days? If so, your search for an easy solution has come to an end! A magnetic screen door can be a fun and convenient way to enjoy fresh air without having to leave your doors open, which can invite bugs and other pests into your home and expose your family to mosquitoes and other insect bites. But what’s the difference between a magnetic screen door and an ordinary screen door? And why should you choose the former over the latter? This article will help you decide if a magnetic screen door is right for you!

A Brief History of the Magnetic Screen Door

Over a decade ago in 2003, West Coaster Darryl Burns came up with a brilliant idea: Why not create magnetic screen doors to replace those noisy and cumbersome spring-loaded models people were accustomed to? This way you could have both your door and your summer breeze. It’s now been over 10 years since he introduced his invention to market, but it’s safe to say that his invention has stood out from all of its competitors. As such, he decided it was time for him to put his mark on another project—this time for more than just screens.

Advantages of Using a Magnetic Screen Door

1. Magnetic screen doors are effective at keeping flies, bugs, and other insects out of your home.

2. Magnetic screen doors create an airtight seal that deters weather from seeping into your home, saving you on heating and cooling costs in winter and summer months.

3. Homeowners have enjoyed quieter homes since they began using an magnetic screen door to keep out pesky critters while still allowing fresh air inside.

4. Since you won’t be opening and closing your doors as often during hot summer days, you can save on wear-and-tear on your door frames – resulting in less maintenance throughout the year

5. Magnetic screen doors don’t require any installation or modification to your existing door frame, making them easy to install and uninstall when needed.

6. Many people enjoy how quickly their magnetic screen doors can be installed after purchasing them online or through local retailers like Lowe’s or The Home Depot.

7. Your family will feel safer knowing that their pets aren’t getting outside without supervision when
you install an magnetic screen door on your front or back door!

8. With so many benefits for homeowners, it’s no wonder why more people are turning to magnetic
screen doors than ever before!

9. If you’re ready for a new way to enjoy fresh air without worrying about pests entering your home,
consider installing an magnetic screen door today!

The Basic Features That You Should Look At When Selecting One

There are lots of brands that produce magnetic screen doors, and as such, it can be quite confusing for most people who are looking to buy one. If you’re also shopping around for one of these products right now, then make sure that you know what to look at before making your final decision. Always opt for one with a high-quality build and steel mesh, so you can be sure that it will last longer than expected. Also, double check if it has strong magnets attached to its body so they can create an excellent seal while still allowing air and light to go through easily. Moreover, see if it already comes with mounting hardware included in its package so you won’t have any problems installing it on your own later on.

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