This is Taiwan

The A Mei Tea House in Jiufen—a three-story restaurant done with an exterior of darkened wood fringed with red, bulbous lanterns on the building’s fascia—is a sight to behold in its own regard. The pleasure is increased for fans of the Japanese animated filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki who will immediately identify the building’s uncanny similarity with … Read more

Seed to Shelf

A look inside one of the world’s largest agriculture companies It’s almost half the world’s pepper. It’s a sizable chunk of the world’s coffee and almonds, their cashews and dehydrated onions. But if you’re not an industry insider, the name Olam International ( isn’t likely to ring a bell. “We’re probably one of the biggest … Read more

Bee The Change

In Dalat, a small bee garden hopes to increase the bee population through community collaboration There’s buckwheat. There’s squash. There’s a composting area. But there’s one thing curiously missing from Dalat’s Bee Garden: bees. “We don’t keep bees, but build a habitat that is naturally friendly for bees and other endangered insects,” explained Leonie Hapunkt, an organizer with … Read more

Moving Forward

Welcome to the third dimension of graphic designing Dinh Phuong Tung had been working as a career 2D graphic designer when he decided to make the turn into 3D design two years ago. He’s taken an autodidact approach to the career change electing to teach himself, which he described as “a painful process. A lot … Read more

In and Out of The Box

Meet the mulitmedia visual designer and innovative art solution gurus behind The Box Collective Trung Le, founder of visual design studio The Box Collective (, has an office with a glass door that on Oi’s visit bore the dry erase markers plans of their upcoming project: the 2020 New Year’s countdown on Nguyen Hue. It’s … Read more

Shared Experiences Part 3

Sneaky Drinks You’re an adult, so you may have forgotten by now what the thrill of playing secret agent was like. Just so you know, it’s still really cool. You’ll do plenty of slinking in this Landed Vibe experience aptly titled “Let’s Sneak in some Hidden Rooftops and have Drinks.” As the name implies, there’s a … Read more

The Fast Lane to Luxury

A top choice for luxury performance connoisseurs with the desire to travel in style It’s a great irony that arguably one of Maserti’s strongest defining elements—the car’s drive—is something hidden by necessity while the Italian vehicles rest in a showroom like the one at PetroVietnam Vietnam. Welcome to Trident Auto, Saigon’s Maserati dealership. Resting at … Read more