Sketched in Time

Mai Thi Luu, Saigon: The Jade Emperor Pagoda in District 1 was riddled with sweaty tourists posing for photos outside the gates. I decided to go for an iced coffee across the street to wait for the throng of Westerners to leave on their buses so I could do some sketches of the famous pagoda. … Read more

Language Diversity In Vietnam

“People believed that in order to get ahead in life, you had to speak the majority language.” – Simon Ager Languages are the roots of our culture, we should embrace its beauty, its diversity, and its uniqueness; but sadly this is no longer the case. Globalization has caused major changes to the world’s cultural diversity. … Read more

Preserving Traditions

Created from a passion and commitment to preserve Vietnam’s identity, founders Huyen and My established Viethnic. Both were born in the mountainous province of Hoa Binh, which allowed them to understand the richness in traditions that the ethnic minorities of northwestern Vietnam have to offer. Huyen and My hope to encourage the younger generations in … Read more

Understanding Vietnamese Culture and Customs

Reviewing the 2016 edition of Vietnam – Culture Smart! In the recently released eighth edition of the HSBC Expat Explorer survey, Vietnam placed 25th overall out of 39 popular expat destinations based on economics, experience and family, according to responses collected from almost 22,000 expats across the world. Vietnam ranked highest (2nd) for the ease … Read more

The Eternal Debate: Hanoi or Saigon?

Through simple yet poignant images, graphic artist Le Duy Nhat revisits the rivalry between Vietnam’s two great cities Star Trek or Star Wars ? Creation or evolution? Spider Man or Batman? iOS or Android? Thanks to budding graphic artist, Le Duy Nhat, 25, there’s now buzz around the greatest local eternal debate: Hanoi or Saigon? … Read more