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  • kimkhanh

Kim Khanh: Strength and Beauty of the Nineties

I promised myself I wasn’t going to ask Kim Khanh about her being single in her 40s. I like to think that this publication has fairly high editorial standards, and there are far more interesting things to say about a woman than […]

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I Come From Ocean

Designer Dieu Anh celebrates the summer season with a collection inspired by the color, beauty and mystery of our oceans. I COME FROM OCEAN patterns blend Patrick Carpenter’s photos of the sun’s reflections off the water’s surface with the life […]

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Bang On

Michael Barnes on his journey from washing celebrity hair in London to doing hair and fashion shows in Vietnam

Some creative talents are made in an instant, in a single epiphanic moment that changes one’s fate forever. For Michael Barnes—one of […]

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  • k1

The Value of Beauty

Entrepreneur, model, actress and tourism ambassador, Ly Nha Ky shares her insights on beauty and lifestyle with Oi

As someone skilled in business as well as acting and modeling, what do you think is the value of beauty?

While many people claim […]

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Breaking down barriers, Jessica an finds success as a transgender model

“I didn’t plan on creating a club or anything like that for transpeople. Nothing about what we do is formal or even official. At first, it was just a name, […]

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Dress to Impress

Celebrated ao dai designer-artist Si Hoang speaks about opening Vietnam’s only museum Dedicated to this traditional long dress

One of Vietnam’ s most iconic ao dai designers, Si Hoang is as much a philosopher as he is an artist. That is […]

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Continuing Education

This  is Tai. He’s currently in fifth grade. His mother proudly shows us all the certificates and achievements Tai and his sister have won in school over the years. Tai is proud of his most recent academic awards, however, next […]

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The Old Man and the Sea

Coincidence is sometimes very beautiful

Nearly three years ago, I found myself browsing the online pages of Thomas L Le – a scholar and translator of Vietnamese and French poetry. I was so moved by one of the poems that it […]

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Read All About It

The trend for offering bespoke libraries in luxury resorts and hotels has been quietly catching on

“Cicero’s dictum is that a room without a book is like a body without a soul. That said, books to me are like paintings. I’ve […]

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  • Toia

VIETNAM, director’s cut by MARK TOIA

While in Vietnam shooting a noodles commercial, Director Mark TOIA put together a short film from unused footage, bringing you this amazing video.

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