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No two persons ever read the same book While there is a wealth of street traders selling dog-eared copies of classics and shiny sensational paperbacks, many of these are poorly translated, missing pages, or badly printed. More solid bookstores in Saigon have improved, but demand for English language books is still low, and finding a … Read more

Keepers of the Flame

A gathering place for Zippo lighter collectors and enthusiasts Zippos are much more than simple metal lighters. The ubiquitous Zippo became woven into the fabric of the American War experience. These compact lighters “are the small, speaking, archaeological objects that bear witness to great personal heroism, pride, pain and tragedy,” wrote Jim Fiorella in his … Read more

Saigon Cigar Club: A Home for Cigar Aficionados

They’ve been used to celebrate births and deaths, grand successes and plunging failures. At a puff per minute (as recommended by Swiss tobacco merchant Zino Davidoff in his 1967 Guide to Cigar Etiquette), they’re meant to be savored in leisure. At upwards of USD1,150 for a single Gurkha Black Dragon, the most expensive cigar available … Read more

Secret Supper Club

Saigon’s first anti-restaurant brings foodies together It’s known by many names – speakeasies, underground restaurants, guerrilla dining, clandestine kitchens. But in essence, it’s a meal served in someone’s home to paying customers, making it something in between a restaurant and a dinner party. Secret supper clubs have been around for decades, most notably in Latin … Read more