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Hanging High

Life at the top, washing windows

At 7am Bao rides the freight elevator to the top of one of Saigon’s newest high- rises and unlocks the door to the rooftop. His partner is already there setting up the rig – stringing thick ropes around a […]

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My Life as… a construction worker

My name’s Quang and I’m 42 years old. I grew up in Hung Yen, and I’ve been doing this job for five years already. My first job was working as a motorbike taxi driver in Hanoi, but I changed to construction because […]

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My Life as…

a bonsai enthusiast

You see this tree here? I bought it for VND8 million. If I sell it now I can get VND600 million. If I wait another three years, I should get at least VND7 trillion. See that other tree? It’s […]

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The roach hunter

The unusual job of catching cockroaches to sell as fish bait…

“I don’t talk about my job in polite company. Most people gag or stare at me in disbelief when I do,” says Nguyen Thi Kim Anh, on her unusual job. […]

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  • Ball boy

Our lives as… ball boys

Two teenagers open up about scoring their dream jobs, rich customers and Rafael Nadal

Hoang: I’m 17 years old and I’ve been working here for four years.

Duy: I’m also 17. I’ve been a ball boy for seven months.

Hoang: Our job is pretty […]

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My Life as… a shoe shine boy

My name is Son and my hometown is Nam Dinh Province. I’m 26 years old. After I finished secondary school back in my hometown, I went to Hanoi to work and I’ve been here for 10 years already. I work […]

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My Life as…

….a railway crossing guard

MY name is Ky and I’m a railroad worker on the Ha-Hai line (Hanoi – Hai Phong). I’m 50 now and I’ve been working this job for 20 years. I was originally an army man, but then I […]

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My life as… a pho cook

My name’s Quyen, and I’m 22-years-old. I’ve been selling pho for five years now. This is a traditional family business. My dad started the restaurant, and now my brothers and I are helping him run it. We’re from Dong Son […]

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MY LIFE AS… a gray hair plucker

Hello, sit down please! Oh, my name? My name is Hang. How old am I? I was born in 1987, so please don’t call me chi (older sister), it makes me sound so old! This is one of the first grey […]

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Fine Print

A day in the life of Oi’s managing editor

I read recently that there are over 200 million blogs on the internet. Add to that online publications, news outlets and specialty websites and it’s obvious that there is no lack of […]

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