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My life as… a cashier

The highs and lows of working as a cashier

How long have you been a cashier at this supermarket?

I’ve been working as a cashier for about three years now. I am good at my job and love the work that I […]

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My life as… a bus driver

From dodging erratic motorcyclists to transporting live animals, the life of a bus driver is never boring

The job of a bus driver in Saigon has long been one of the most stressful and hazardous gigs in town. If staying on schedule […]

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My life as… a mobile blade sharpening man

Meet the mobile blade sharpening man

“He’s one of the few left in Saigon; there’s no use for them anymore,” says 67-year-old Thuy pointing to the old man sharpening her kitchen cleaver. “I’ve been using him since I was young. Today’s […]

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My life as… a street cleaner

Collecting waste and sweeping the roads for a better Saigon

Mr. Quang spends most of his working life in the gutter. Another part involves delving into plastic bags and buckets left along sidewalks or leaned against trees, looking for recyclables to separate […]

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My life as … a fruit seller

Offering daily vitamin doses fresh off the street

At 3am when most of the city is in deep slumber, 25-year-old Tri heads for the sidewalk on Hai Ba Trung in District 3 where he rests his sack full of guava. It’s […]

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My life as… a xe ba gac driver

“I’ve been driving a xe ba gac since reunification,” says 59-year-old Ut. “I used to work for a company contracted by the government; I made saw blades that were used to cut down trees. The pay was good, but I […]

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  • Foot masseur

My life as… a foot masseur

Oi Vietnam magazine meets Chung, a foot masseur, to learn about his working day...
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  • Watch man

Meet Mr Hung, Saigon watchman

Mr Hung, the Saigon watchman, is keeping the dying art of watchmaking alive in Vietnam.
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An analog photographer in Saigon

When I discovered how the camera allowed me to capture moments in life, I felt this rush of excitement.

I’m 73 years old, and at my age most people have already retired and spend their days relaxing with their kids and grandkids. […]

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My Life as… a Tet flower seller

Oi discovers the seasonal peaks and troughs of life as a Tet specialist florist…

My name is Vuong and I own Bao Anh Apricot Blossoms ( I’m gearing up for the busiest time of the year, the two weeks before and after […]

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