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Dancers as Diplomats

Using dance to cross boundaries as well as to promote social change
Holding common ground pathways to cultural exchange in Vietnam, a seminar that’s sponsored by The American Embassy, will see a number of movement and dance experts from the US coming to Vietnam for an exciting […]

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Do Hai Anh Presents her new Dance Performance in Danzinc

Do Hai Anh – Winner of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE VIETNAM presents her new dance performance in Danzinc – International Dancers’ & Choreographers’ Residency Festival – Singapore

From 8th to 19th of August, Đô Hải Anh’s dance company Unicorn Art Co., Ltd is proud […]

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The Hat Dance

Contemporary dance merges with Vietnamese folk music to create a dazzling visual performance

At the premiere performance of Nón in June – held at IDECAF on Thai Van Lung – audiences were treated to a rare fusion of traditional Vietnamese instrumentation […]

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Narrative Dance

An inside look at a Cham New Year celebration

When people speak about Cham, the first thing that comes to mind is the Kate festival. One among Vietnam’s five most important cultural events, it’s celebrated by the nearly 200,000 Cham ethnic […]

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Find out how Linh Rateau’s journey from France to Vietnam resulted in the creation of one of the city’s most popular dance centers

Looking at the current Dancenter in District 2 – the villa, the spacious dance studios, the well-lit rooms and clean white […]

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Happily Ever After

Ballet through the eyes of Cinderella and Prince Charming

The stage lights cast an eerie blue glow over the performers as they stretch and go through their paces – strong, quick, practiced movements – in preparation for the evening’s performance of Cinderella, part of the […]

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Two to Tango

Vietnam has a long history of social dancing, ranging from cha cha to waltz. But tango is the new kid on the block

Text by James Pham

Photos by Quinn Ryan Mattingly

The couples glide across the floor, some aggressive, almost angry, others […]

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Taxi Dancers

Not in the mood to go out dancing with your lady? Then hire these men to do it for you…
Son, a strapping 29-year-old man, has been a dancer for three years. He started working in a dance hall as a […]

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